Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I've felt other people really blessing & ministering unto me too!

Hello one and all!

We had a baptism last week! Wowzers it was great.
I got to baptize him! Seth is now a member of the church!!
Soooooooooooooo, the font's heating system for the water is somewhat out of wack. So we ended up running from the kitchen to the font with boiling water to heat it up haha! I didn't want to the church to smell weird from the old gas stove, so I cracked open the door. Apparently a little blue butterfly managed to get in, and joined us for the baptism!

While we were in the relief society room doing the talks and stuff, the butterfly was whizzing around the room. Very distracting, but very funny. Elder Redd leaned over and said.
"Then the Holy Ghost descended in the form of a butterfly" It was really funny. BUT, that's flase doctrine and wrong!...

Anywho. This week sure was great. I've really felt great power in this work. I know that Heavenely Father intends us to feel His love, and become more like Him. He sees us in terms of forever. I truly know that Heavenly Father loves us perfectly and answers us. I know He hears everything we say and don't say. I know He knows our hearts. I really know He needs us in order for the work to work!

I love you all, thank you for your encouragement and love. I've felt other people really blessing and ministering unto me too. I know our Heavenly Father lives. I know the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. I know Jesus Christ is real as well. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Johnson

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I testify that we are loved perfectly by perfect Divine Beings.

Hi there! Sorry, I don't have loads of time.

We've got a baptism this Friday! WAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our investigator Don came to church yesterday!!!!!!!

Brothers and Sisters, Heavenly Father LOVES us, beyond our comprehension.
I testify that we are loved perfectly by perfect Divine Beings.
in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
I love you all!

Elder Johnson

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm here for a reason, I actually prayed & asked HIM why I am here!

Hi there!
Well this week sure has been GREAT.
But before I get into that! I'll share how we've been doing here in Berwick!
Elder Redd and I get along very very well!  I really feel like we're true friends. He's helped me out so much on my mission. And I really know that he was sent and handpicked by Heavenly Father to bless not only our investigators, but me as well. He is such a wise missionary. He's really is a rock. I'm so grateful to serve with him.

We are striving to have a better relationship with the ward. We were asked by the Bishop to actually go and see some people! We have asked if we could help in the past, but he usually responds with "Oh I'm alright, thank you!" But in our last meeting we asked again, and he gave us a few names of less-actives that could use some spiritual nourishment. It was great! I'm glad to report we have started trying to see those people!

I have felt so much love from Heavenly Father, He has truly truly blessed us here, and has blessed me infinitely. I'm so grateful to be serving here in the Berwick Ward. I know I'm here for a reason. I actually prayed and asked Him why I am here. He told me it's because of my testimony! Which is great! Because this week I've gained such a powerful testimony of bearing testimony!

Last week we had a really neat experience I want to share. We were walking around the streets of Berwick, because our appointment had cancelled. We had about 15 minutes or so left before we needed to start heading home.
We had two options, either go home and update some records, or keep pressing forward and find people to teach! It was actually pretty funny, as we were walking Elder Redd heard some children laughing and said. "A family!" So we started heading that direction.

We decided to keep going and not give up quite yet. We saw a lovely little house with 3 or 4 people and 2 dogs. The dogs both didn't like us at all. They barked and barked, but we ignored and tried to pet them anyways. We started talking to this family and immediately they began saying they weren't interested.

 I started talking about my family back home, and about things I liked to do. Anyways, sooner or later we started talking very comfortably. I felt the spirit tell me to testify to the woman sitting on her porch. So I bore my testimony with great conviction given to me by the Spirit, and the Holy Ghost shed forth. Smiles bloomed on her face, and on mine. She was very very receptive and welcomed us back to her home another time. It was very neat :) It was so obvious that the Spirit was there. Elder Redd helped bring the Spirit so powerfully to by testifying.

I love you :) You're all amazing and wonderful :)

And remember! Gospel Cooties don't exist! Don't be afraid to bring it up! ;D

Monday, July 7, 2014

I developed a powerful testimony of how essential FAMILIES are!

So, you know when you sit in your car and find an old water bottle that's been there forever? and you pick it up and feels like it's literally boiling lava?

Just kidding, but it has been pretty hot these past few days! Good thing Pennsylvanians are hospitable and offer you water every day!

Anywho. Heavenly Father has been sooo merciful to us this week. Many small and tiny miracles have been happening. The moral of the Story however, and all that has mattered to me, is a knowledge that Heavenly Father really DOES answer all of our prayers. Even prayers we are too afraid to ask. I truly know that by talking to Him we can get to know Him a little better :)
They say prayer is a two way conversation between God and oneself. Heavenly Father always does answer our prayers :) I really know it!

Sorry this is short! I'm doing well, we had an.. "okay" week I guess.
I developed a powerful testimony of how essential FAMILIES are. Families being united for all eternity isn't just a blessing, it's a commandment! :D
I'm glad for that! I taped a picture of my family inside of scriptures, and whenever we teach a lesson about God's plan of Salvation, or Eternal Families I pull it out and teach them about my family and our conversion story. People are so touched when they start hearing about my family. Hearts are truly softened by the Lord :)
I testify that God loves us, and it is by His grace that all things happen. :)

With love!

Your fellow servant!

Elder Johnson

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I know the Book of Mormon is true, because i prayed about it. I have the privilege of sharing it with others!

HI everyone!
Wow was this week great!   Not!
Just kidding! Numbers wise we really took a hit.
Our numbers of lessons dropped pretty bad.... But we'll do better!

In other news, life sure is blooming over here! Fireflies are out every night. Which looks beautiful by the way! I always imagine little glowing fairies flying around while we drive. Then I hear little thumps as they smack against the glass of our windshield! mwahaha!

Kidding. But really though, the other day we went into our apartment and I saw something small and dark jumping across the floor. We hit the lights and there was a small tiny FROG jumping around our kitchen! I guess we left the door open to long? haha

Our investigator named Cory came to church yesterday and it was
AWESOMEEE!! He even brought his cute little sister named Gracie.
It was neat seeing her with all of the primary kids walking in a line folding their arms quietly. She fit right in! 
Cory loved church, he was a little tired and sleepy....but he stayed for most of it!! It was way neat seeing him there. He's got a bunch of tattoos and looks pretty scary but he is the complete opposite. A little mellow but very very funny too.
We argued a little bit over why people shouldn't smoke....that was fun. But we laughed in the end so it's all good!

I've got such a testimony of talking with everyone! I have trouble discerning when people are interested or not, but luckily I've got a companion who's good at it!
We were walking the streets because our plans for that hour had fell through and wound up talking to a family that was having a yard sale. We kept talking and the wife mentioned she was raised Mormon! We were very surprised, usually people just say "I'm not interested!" But she totally kept talking to us! Heavenly Father really knows to never give up on His kids. Even though she didn't have a desire to come back (yet), her heart was softened, and we even bumped into her an hour ago here at the library!
Small and simple things, bring about great things! :)

I really know the church is true! Heavenly Father really does love us. I know Jesus Christ loves us, and wants us to love ourselves too! I know the Book of Mormon really is true, because I've prayed about it, and I have the privilege of sharing it with others!
with oodles of love! 

Elder Johnson