Saturday, July 20, 2013

missionary hogwarts

July 20, 2013

HOLA, BONJOUR, ALOHA! The MTC is like a missionary hogwarts!! Every one is bustling around speaking and practicing languages. Sure is cool. Wanna know the difference between the MTC and prison???????????? Prisoners can see their families. But oh well, its nice too. The food sucks thats for sure, and my companion got sick too. Anyways, please tell people to email me, because I only have 3!!!! and I can't email anyone else until they talk to me first~! Also, if youre planning on sending me anything, you should include my flip flops. the ground in the bathroom sure is....not clean. Oh and yeah I got your dear elder. SEND ME MORE!!! AND TELL PEOPLE TO DO IT TO!!!

The MTC is CRAZY. You dont have a single second to breath. You're shuffled from place to place right after the other. There's just so much to do!! I've learned a ton and Ive been super busy. My whole district is from Utah except for one sister, my companion is Elder Daynes from Woods Cross. He likes sports and has a 1000 dollar shoe collection. My district is very friendly and nice. The days here are SOOOOOO. LONNNGGGGGGG. We wake up, take freeeezing showers at 7. Then the rest of the day is filled with classes until we go to sleep.
Day 1 sure was exhausting, we did so much. We had a few dozen people in a room, and we taught a fake investigator as one big companionship, and I felt the spirit prompt me to stand and speak. I talked about eternal families and love, but as I passed the mic to a sister who raised her hand to speak I hit her companion in the head with the mic......yeahhhhh, haven't changed THAT much! Anywho, the spirit here truly is as strong as you all said. Just by wanting to feel it, I can.
Day 2, I went through tons of classes, and at the end of the day we had a branch presidency meeting. So the president of our branch came and spoke to us, and interviewed us for zone leader, district leader, and sister training leaders. I went through my interview, and we only talked for about a minute each person. And guesss what?????????????????????????? I'M DISTRICT LEADER!!!! Wahoooooo. I get the mail twice every day, and start meetings and such. But yeah, I really do love it here. Our room had a puddle of water in the carpet... so it stank pretty bad, and it was suppppper hot when we slept. And the puddle got bigger every day. And we still dont know where its coming from, because nothing around it is wet.......? But luckily a person cleaned it up yesterday, and we got one of those huge carpet fans in our room!!! Goodbye hot beds!
Anyways, I love you guys, and I hope everythings okay. Mom repacked my i LITERALLY dont have a clue where ANY of my stuff is. So ive had to borrow from my district. Well, bye now! P days are on sat btw, and I leave on next next monday at 1:05 AM.  HOLY. COW. 

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