Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Many tears were shed among the chapel.

Hello friends and family! 

Wow this week was AMAZING. 
3 stories I wanted to share. Sorry, they're long. But worth it!

Remember when I first started my mission? I was serving in the Pitt 3rd Ward. We visited Sister Mcclendon all the time, and she was such a great missionary. She always had someone we could teach.  Well, my current area touches the border of Pitt 3rd. Last monday while shopping at walmart we saw Sister Mcclendon!!!!!!!!! It was so cool! We had things to do so we couldn't talk much, but it was so cool seeing her. And even though I'm in a different area. She STILLL gave us a name we could go visit. Hahaha!!!! What an amazing missionary. (here's a picture)

So we visited a less active man named david the other day, but he watned to have the lesson outside. Even though I didn't really want to, we went. I didn't like the noisy cars n'at driving by. But anywho, we continued teaching when a woman came by and asked why we were dressed up. We introduced ourselves as missionaries. She said she was catholic, but still loved to learn. She asked us if we ever go down Aspen St. Before we could even get her name she walked off again.
We were super sad she left, but we kept teaching david.  A few minutes later, SHE CAME BACK! She told us "hey! If you're ever in the area come by aspen st and I'll give you some water! Even better, I'll make you cookies!"  She proceeded to repeat her address 3 more times to make sure we knew it. As she ran off again she yelled "I make no bake cookies!!!"

Of course, we went and saw her. It was soooo neat! She's amazing! She doesn't really want to change religions, but we'll see what happens :)

3rd story! The Branch is TOTALLY catching the WAVE. Last sunday we had our testimony meeting in sacrament. The Spirit was so powerful, there is no doubt that Heavenly Father's love was present and strong. Almost the entire branch went up and shared their testimonies. There was so much love, each one talked about how much they loved another member that sat among the congregation. They all talked about missionary work. All of them invited each other to participate in missionary work and go home teaching. It was so beautiful. I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything in the universe. I was so glad to have been able to feel that. I wanted everyone in the whole world to fill in the chapel and feel what I felt.
 Many tears were shed among the chapel. It was so peaceful.

I really know this church is true. I do, I really and truly do. I love you all, thanks for all that you do to serve and love. I testify this church is true, That God Loves us perfectly, and Jesus Christ really lives. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.   

Elder Johnson.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Amazing Story!!!!


 "So here in the branch there's a member named Bro Punjack. He works on boilers as a job. He was working on one with the help of his dad, when 
the boiler door (which weighs 1,000 pounds) fell from where it was attached and landed on top of his foot. The two of them immediately lifted his the boiler door and called for help.
They both waited as they heard the sound of the ambulance racing their way. Luckily everything worked out. Jimmy has 4 broken toes, and is in a brace for 6 weeks. Very minor results from a huge disaster.
Here's the miracle from the Lord's hand:  The men that came to assist wanted to move the boiler door. They put a line over a beam to act as a "pulley" to lift it. The weight of the boiler door started to cause the beams to bend under the weight. They even used a crank underneath the door to lift it and still struggled. It is not even physically possible for those two men to have been able to lift it by hand."

MIRACLES my friends!
Anywho. I testify this Church is God's very church. I testify God's Apostles and Prophets again walk on this earth. I testify God's love IS most precious, above all else. I testify Jesus IS the Christ, and He does in very fact, Live. 
I bear witness that the Book of Mormon is true, I've prayed and I felt it for sure.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

LOOOOVE., Elder Johnson!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Elder Klima goes first. As he was speaking the spirit told me not to use what i wrote. " What?! "

Why hello you wonderful friends of mine!
Things are going SWELL here in the branch!

Elder Klima and I both gave talks last sunday, and I really wanted to talk about that experience. Anywho. We spent a few days preparing our talks with the topic "The Hastening of the Work". And we both felt really good about what we were going to use.

Sunday arrives and we both are sitting on the stand. Elder Klima goes first. As he was speaking the Spirit told me not to use what I wrote. I was freaking out. Thinking "What?!?! You couldn't have told me this, like, FOUR DAYS AGO?!?!" 

I kept praying about what I SHOULD say since the branch needed other words. No answer.
I prayed again asking what to share. Still nothing. 
Now I was nervous as Elder Klima was wrapping up his talk. 
I decided I wouldn't be an amoeba and actually try to put some effort forth. I pushed forward with faith and tried to prepare something else. Too late. My turn.

I stood up and walked to the microphone. Still no answer from the Spirit. I opened my mouth and before I knew it the Spirit was in the room and testifying of the words given me. 

It was a very powerful talk about Hastening the Work. 
"After all is said and done, when we get to live with our Father in Heaven and sit with him at an imaginary dinner table. Our Father doesn't want any empty seats"
I also spoke about unity in the work. I talked about how we are all here for a reason.
No matter how insignificant we may feel. We all have a part to play. There are souls who are waiting for us to reach out to them. I like to think in my imagination, that perhaps we arranged to help specific people and bring them the Truth before we came here to this earth. I like to think that all of the people in our lives are there for us to help, and also to be helped.

This Gospel is true my Brothers and Sisters. I testify that God is directing this Church. 
I love you All. You're all amazing :)

Elder Johnson.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"We cannot ask "how can we hasten the work, because we don't The Lord does!"

Wow. I love. Stake. Conference.

2 General Authorities came!!!!!!

Elder Teh and Elder Kunz. They announced the split of our stake! And we found out that pitt 3rd (my very first area) is joining the stake! Which means I might be able to see some of the members at stake activities!!!
Anywho. They gave beautiful counsel regarding missionary work for members. They said "The Lord is hastening His work in His own time" He continues "We cannot ask 'how can WE hasten the work,' because we don't. The Lord does!"

I love that!   It means, it's the Lord's work.  He will provide the way for us to do difficult things :) He will always provide a way to do what He wants us too!

Story time!
This week we did A TON of service! We met with a less active man, we'll call him Brother Z. He has not been to church in many many years and has picked up some colorful habits! Anywho. We went out and did some lawn work.  
Okay. one thing to know about PA, there is no such thing as flat. 

So we mowed the lawns...vertically. Kidding, but it was SUUPER tough! And last time I checked I'm still an inky dinky little asian boy with enough muscle to lift my scriptures! So Pushing the lawn mower up and down was really tough, but it needed to be done. So the Lord provided a way that I could still provide the service needed.
Bro Z was so appreciative and thanked us tremendously. He later told us he wanted to make it out to church.  Service is beautiful my friends! :)
Elder Johnson

We decided to "liken the scriptures" to ourselves... So we made a fort in our apartment :) hehe.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I stopped "saying Prayers", and really PRAYED.

I'm doing fantastic! 
Elder Klima and I get along sooo so soooo well it's ridiculous. We have a hunch that one of us will be transferred very soon, only 2 more weeks until we find out!
We're too unified! That's why haha.
Any who. Things are doing great here! One of our investigators came to church! So that was great!
This week was sooooo cool.

Remember Sis Payne? I talked about her briefly a little while ago....At least I think I did...hehe.
SO anyways, Sis Payne is a less active woman and hasn't been to church is many years. Her son served a mission and is currently in Utah with his wonderful family. He encourages her a lot.

Any who, we saw her again this past week and had a powerful and wonderful lesson with her. She has a desire to come back to church! So we talked about Spiritual goals. Setting Goals and making Plans! The Spirit was very strong.
She later told us that before we saw her, she was feeling very low. She was very distressed and didn't know what to do. She told us she prayed so fervently, asking the Lord to help her know what to do. The next day, we showed up. 

The Lord truly answers our prayers. He knows our hearts. He knows what we need. There is a mighty reserve of powerful blessings waiting for us, but can only be received upon our asking for them. My testimony of prayer has truly been strengthened. I stopped "saying  prayers", and really PRAYED. I know He knows us perfectly, better than we do, and He knows who to send to help us :)

 Please have an attitude of service. If we are too caught up in our own ways of the world, we may lose the precious opportunity of becoming an answer to another's heartfelt plea to the Lord. 

 Elder Johnson