Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I remember the Savior & His Atonement & how much HE SUFFERED and GAVE for me. The beautiful gifts that came from Jesus Christ.

Christmas was SOOOO GREAT. Thank you soooo much everyone for making it
a fantastic Christmas. You're all such wonderful examples to me.
This week has been SO wonderful!!! We've got a potential investigator named Victoria. She is SAO READY FOR THE GOSPEL IT'S RIDICULOUS. She basically asked us "how can I become a mormon?" WOW. Is she prepared or WHAT. I"m so excited to teach her!

Christmas was WONDERFUL. Our district of 9 missionaries went around nursing homes and caroled. I was privileged to use my violin, and it was a HIT. Everyone was in awe as I played. I didn't care about playing the violin, it was just amazing to be able to share. The elderly were so appreciative that we came and sang for them. Some were in tears. They thanked us graciously. Many kind words were spoken and the Spirit was evidently felt by all. It was amazing to give. I will remember this Christmas for all of my life. It was not a sacrifice at all, but a blessing. 

Through my trials and difficulty. I remember the Savior and His Atonement and how much HE SUFFERED and GAVE for me. The beautiful gifts that came from Jesus Christ.
Wow, I am forever grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who gave so much for me. I pray, that in turn I can repay Him with what I can offer. I realized a mission is so very short in comparison to the Lord eternal sense of time. It is a blink of an eye! This is an extremely short time. I want to make the best of it!

I love you all .Thank you for your kindness and your love. You all have helped me in tremendous and beautiful ways. I truly know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that our Loving Heavenly Father is a God of LOVE. He loves us so very very much. I testify that He knows us individually and is ever proud of the smallest victories we can offer. I pray that we may always have an abiding testimony of Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

SKYPING YAYYYYY!!!!!! Go family!

Christmas morninggg!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Let them know how appreciated & special they are to you, to those around them, & especially to Heavenly Father!

Hello Friends and family!!!!
wow has it been the best week everrrr!!!!!!  Okay first things first!
My new companion Elder Devyn Gish. and guess what?!!?!?!?!

HE'S FROM WEST JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can you believe it!!!!! He went to copper hills high school though. Well..I guess I can forgive him. haha kidding!
He's soooo cool!!!! He's 18 and FULL of FIRE!!!! wwow. He is a fireball and a half! He's exploding with spiritual goodness and he is SOOO cheerful it's crazy. I really like him a lot! He's such a great companion. He's definitely up there on my list of favorites!!

Anywho. This Christmas is going to be the best! Our Mission president really wanted us to focus on Giving instead of Receiving. Before I thought and pondered on what he was asking, I was thinking all about myself. About my own Christmas. I kept thinking about how I could have the happiest Christmas for Elder Johnson. But As I've pondered and read Christmas Stories about service, and really thought about Christ's sacrifice for me. I realized I can do the same thing. I can give up my own wants and help someone else that has less than I do.

Anywho. He really encouraged us to go and sing at Hospitals and care centers. I personally have been using my violin as much as I can. I've been used and abused! But in the best way I can mean it. I've really felt great love, and I'm so grateufl I was allowed to bring my violin on my mission. It has been such a great tool and I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father's let me share it!

Anywho. I invite each and everyone of you to really think about Jesus Christ and what He's done for you. And then go and do your best to help others feel that same amount of love and charity!
I love you all! Thanks for being shining examples, thanks for your love and encouragement. It is REAAAALLLLLY appreciated. I challenge you to go and talk to someone, and just let them know how much they mean to you. Graciously offer words of love that come from the heart. Let them know how appreciated and special they are to you, to those around them ,and especially to Heavenly Father :) I know I will!
I love you all!!!
Much Love!
Elder Johnson 


Only in PA where the roads are spaghetti noodles does this sign exist. bahaha!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Heavenly Father's love is so great that we cannot comprehend it in mortality.

Bonjour family and friends!!!!!!
How are things for you?!!?!?!? Things are going pretty swell!!!
Sheesh this last week went by so fast it's RIDICULOUS.
From the top!
Monday we went over to the Monongahela Area and had loads of fun with our district, we played hackey sack with the 7 of us! (the union town Elders are short one for a few weeks)

Then I stayed the night in union town with Elder Childs on exchanges. Then on Tuesday we both went to my area and did some work there. Then we went back to monogahela and stayed the night!!!! Sheesh!! It was 3 days of craziness! On Thursday our district went to a members house in monongahela and caroled. The Kerry's planned it all out! Sis Kerry had a group of older women come and they had a little Christmas gathering, in the meanwhile we were hiding in the basement. We went up and surprised them with caroling! It was a beautiful moment.
After they all left we hung around and Sis Kerry thanked us for what we do as missionaries. It was so wonderful. She bore her testimony to us, and the Spirit filled the room so strongly, we all felt it. It was hard not to cry. She told us that one of the women there said that us caroling was the high light of her entire year.

Wow, what a privilege it was to give up myself for someone else. That moment, by far is greater than anything I could have received.

I hope and pray that we all can have more opportunities like this. It may seem tough, it may seem difficult to find ways to do so. We may even feel afraid. But I testify that this is exactly what Christ would do, and I testify, that I have been blessed far more than those that received. A Christlike Christmas, comes from a Christlike attitude. Thanks for being so supportive and kind to me. You all are wonderful examples to me.  Thanks for being firm in the faith.
I know that God loves us. I testify that Heavenly Father's love is so great that we cannot comprehend it in mortality. 
Please remember how much your Father in Heaven appreciates you. I testify that Jesus Christ does live. I know it. I know His Atonement is real, and is accessible to all. Especially to those who think they don't need it. Last Christmas a Bishop told me that the Atonement is like air. We never worry about running out of oxygen. It is always there accessible and never runs out. 
I know this to be true too for Christ has always been there for me. If He can do that for a 19 yr old weird Elder in PA. He most certainly will do that for you!
I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Pics. I saw Sis Zebroski!!!!!! And here's the Sisters in our district!
Merry Christmasss!!!!

PS. President Johnson called yesterday! and GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?    I'm TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Please remember the TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas. If you haven't PLLEEEASE watch "He is the gift".

Hello family and friends!!!
WOW this week was GREEEAT
on tuesday we had our zone conference where we learned about the "He is the Gift" initiative going on! And wow it has been so great talking about this new video. If you haven't watched it, please do! It will touch your heart and the Spirit will fill you with a deeper appreciation of the Savior if you let it! It sure did for me.

Anywho, We have had such a great week. We saw Darnell twice this week. And the lessons were FANTASTIC. Darnell's had some really rough times lately because his girlfriend, who's been struggling with some stuff. Anywho, Bro Punjack was able to come with us and was totally able to relate to Darnell and help him out. 
He told him. "When we do things our way, it'll never work out. Sometimes we get angry as the answer and try to just shove our way through something. Or we try to bring others to Christ by dragging them there. But when we humble ourselves enough to do the Lord's work His way, everything works out in the end. We will always be able to fall on our knees and pray to our Heavenly Father. We can pour out our hearts to Him. He's there, waiting for us to talk to Him. He's always there on the other side of the door. We just have to open it."

As he spoke the Spirit touched Darnell's heart, it was so clear that the Lord had sent Bro Punjack. It was so clear that the Lord was comforting His son. Darnell has been progressing sooo rapidly. He immediately applies the Gospel when he reads something or hears something. He is an experimenter! Every time he is told something he wants to prove it, and test it out! 
He has only noticed holiness and goodness as he's done so. He's beginning to realize how wonderful and good this church is. He thanked us so much for coming, and said he feels so much better when he sees us. Heavenly Father loves him so very much. He sends you and I as His representatives to show that love. What a privilege! 

I love you all. Thank you for your prayers, and for being so thoughtful and kind all of these years. Merry Christmas. Please remember the TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas. 
If you haven't PLLEEEASE watch He is the gift. And Discover what the Lord has intended for you to hear. Then Embrace it, let Christ into your soul and feel His love envelope you. Let His example change you, and do likewise as He would to your fellow men. 
And SHARE THE GIFT! This is the most important part. Sharing!!!! If you've seen the video, share it! 
The Lord's work is done His way. The Lord's servants the Prophet, Thomas S Monson and the 12 Apostles started this project. This might just be me, but I'm pretty sure it's inspired!!!
I testify as the Lord's Servant that Heavenly Promises are kept. I testify that Christ does Live and His Atonement is real. I know it because I have prayed and felt so much peace. I've felt Forgiveness.
I invite each of you to share the gift of Christmas, and share this video. It's touched my heart, and I know it will touch yours too.
 I pray, that you will feel the special Spirit of Christ's birth as you share this Christmas with others and serve. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Love yinz. Stay true to the Book in Blue!  

Elder Johnson

Monday, December 1, 2014

Yesterday he came to church & we were FREAKING OUT. The members immediately welcomed him!

Hello my friends and family!!!
Things are going SOOOOOOOO welll!!!!! Sheesh! where do I start?!

Alright! Well, we've got a new investigator named Darnell and WOW, I've never met anyone like him! He is so prepared for the Gospel he's basically already baptized! He has no word of wisdom issues, he hates alcohol, he has a CAR, and he loves learning about the Gospel. Best of all! He is a DO-er! He immediately applies anything he learns. He told me that he taught himself how to remodel his kitchen. He said "Why should I pay someone if I don't know if I can do it myself or not? I don't know if I can't, I might as well learn and try it out!" I told him to do the same thing with the Gospel! He is SO great. He does everything we tell him to. He even asks us for more scriptures to read! And it's so clear the spirit is teaching him.

He's SO great. The last time we saw him we read Mosiah 3, and the whole time he was asking tons and tons of questions! Then HEEEE would teach USSS about what he just learned! He is SO cool!

Yesterday he came to church and we were FREAKING OUT. The members immediately welcomed him in and he felt right at home! During Gospel Principles he asked great questions and totally understood what was going on. We talked about the Council in Heaven, and about our agency and how addictions take it away. He told me about his job as a psychologist. When someone is addicted to alcohol they not only lose their agency, they become chemically addicted and their genes are effected. When that person has children the gene for an easier addiction to alcohol is passed down. I'm not sure if that's true or not but it sounded good to me! Talk about SCARY! 

After church he told me how much he loved it. He said it's so great because he actually WANTS to be there. He said he got so much out of it because he enjoyed being there!
It's so amazingly clear that God is preparing His Children for the truth. Happy holidays everyone!
Keep the faith! Don't do drugs! Remember God loves you more than you can comprehend :)

Elder Johnson

Monday, November 17, 2014

She came to church!!!!!!!!!!

Hello family and friends!
I hope you're all happy and alive and doing well!!
This week was GREAT. The work is picking up!!! yayayyay!!!!

This week was filled with great happy boosters! 
SO, there are nooo coincidences my friends! Last Saturday we went over to the monongahela Elders area and helped them do some service with a few members. Later that day we were doing service for a lady too. We were pretty excited to help, but then she cancelled.
While helping out the Elders my companion left his jacket in a members car and we forgot about it. Later we found that the keys were in his jacket... and that the member wasn't going to be able to get us our keys back until after 5 pm. We found this out at 1. We made the best of the situation and crashed in on the Elders dinner appointment. It was great!

Yesterday was our stake Priesthood meeting and it was SO great. Not to mention the beautiful things taught, but I got to go and see some old friends in Pitt 3rd!!!!! The meeting was held in my greenie area!!!!!!!!!!! SO GREAT.

Remember Samantha the Hawaiian? SHE CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was so wonderful seeing her there. It's her first time being in a church in over 20 years. 
It just goes to show that Heavenly Father is always there for us, and will always help His Children come back. I testify that God lives. I truly know that Christ did Atone for us. And I truly know God will never leave us. in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.  

 With love,  Elder Johnson

Monday, November 10, 2014

She immediately grabbed & hugged it. She was so grateful to hold another Book of Mormon!

Hello family and friends!
Things are going swell here on a mish!

The other day we had a neat experience with contacting a referral. It was getting to be night time as we were walking by looking for the house 1725. We passed a really dark and scary house and Elder Klima says "That house is freaky, I'm glad it's not that one"
I read the address.     1725.
We went to the door hoping for the best, and a small Hawaiian woman came out to greet us. She let us in and started to tell us all about her life. It ended up being and amazing visit. She joined the church almost 30 years ago and still remembers so much about the church and the Gospel. She has gone through so much affliction and has been struggling to keep her family in order and functioning well. She's going through so much I can't even list it, and she is still trying to serve her family. It was a very tender moment to see her love for her family and how much she was willing to give for her kids happiness. She is such a wonderful woman. 

She told us how she was tearing the entire house apart looking for her Book of Mormon, and she was sure that her husband had taken it away from her. When we arrived she was so happy to see us. We told her we had another Book of Mormon for her and she immediately lit up. She immediately grabbed it and hugged it. She was so grateful to hold another Book of Mormon.  We gave her another that she will be giving to her close friend. It was so beautiful. We left with smiles on our faces, and she looked so much brighter.

The Book of Mormon truly can bring peace into our lives as we study with Faith in God that He can help us. I've felt so much peace when I read the Book of Mormon.
I know Christ really did Atone for all mankind. I truly know that God loves us infinitely, more than we can understand. I love this Church and this Gospel, and I know that it is true. In the name of jesus Christ. Amen.
With love,

Elder Johnson.

Monday, November 3, 2014

We all testified with boldness of the truthfulness of the church.

Hey Friends and Family!
So this week was CRAZY.
A few weeks ago we did some service for a member in the branch. We cleared out some trees and cut down some stuff. Little did we know there was poison ivy there too!!!
Yup! You guessed it! We've got poison ivy! My companion has it really bad and his arms look like boiling bubble gum! Just kidding. But it does look painful. Here's a picture! I wore a jacket when we did service so I'm pretty clean. Just a little bit on the inside of my elbows!

But anywho! OKAY STORY TIME!
SO we got a referral over the phone for a man named David. He requested a Book of Mormon. We drove over and his wife was there to greet us. She explained that her husband wasn't home but would be the following day. I was really excited, I thought we had found "The one".  I couldn't have been more wrong.

We went over the next day and brought Bro Punjack with us (the one with the injured foot) and was warmly welcomed. We went into the living room and the man stood at the doorway. I knew something wasn't right here. He said "Gentleman. I'm very pleased you've come here today and delivered your Book of Mormon, but I must be honest with you," He reached into his wallet and pulled out 3 business cards that said a church name and underneath was his.

He was a minister! And wanted us over to teach us about the true church of Christ! That's super backwards!!! And they still believe in the Book of Mormon too so it was so weird talking to him. We were bible bashing..but with the Book of Mormon. It was so intense. It was like trying to teach a scripture tank. 

But all in all, it actually was a really neat visit. We all were extremely edified. We all testified with boldness of the truthfulness of our church. There was great respect and love. The Spirit was very powerful as we spoke. I don't think he will join the church any time soon. But I do know that we completed what the Lord wanted us to do.

I love you all :) Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for your prayers. I've felt so much Heavenly help. Thank you. 

Elder Johnson

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The spirit of Elijah!!!

Hello my family and friends!
I hope you've all been doing super well!
This last week was JAM PACKED with service. We cut a ton of trees down for Sis Lamson. It took forever! But it was so fun!!!

Do you remember Brother Punjack? He was the one that had a 1,000 lbs door crush his foot. He came and helped us do some service! It was pretty unwise to let him come and use a chainsaw.......buuuut Agency I guess!
I'm just kidding, we set up a little station of chairs so he could sit with his leg properly elevated. It was safe!

Anywho, so that was definitely a high light of the week. We all had so much fun serving our sister. Here's some pics!
Lately I've felt so much peace while trying to update and work on my Family History. I truly know that Heavenly Father is inspiring more and more of His Children to receive the Gospel. And Family history is becoming a brilliant tool in doing so. I've definitely felt the Spirit of Elijah while trying to work on it. 

I haven't done anything miraculous, and my progress in finding my ancestors hasn't been flying through the roof, but I can assure you, and testify from my soul, that my capacity to Love my Brothers and Sisters has grown immensely. I know that God wants all of His Children to have an opportunity to receive the Gospel, and can because of the ordinance done in the Temple.
I love you all! :)
Elder Johnson

Monday, October 20, 2014

What did you have to do in order to prepare to get patriarchal blessing?

Hello family and friends! 
This week sure was neat!
We found out a former investigator wants to be baptized in 2 weeks!!!! I hope everything works out so that can happen!!!!!! His name's JJ.
It'll be so neat!

This last week we had a really neat experience! We were out seeing a member named Sis Murphy, she's pretty great! But she has some health problems so she's in an electric wheelchair. Anywho! We were out seeing her, and another younger woman Alexis (who is a less active) often comes to take care of the house. To my knowledge I don't think she remembers very much about the Gospel at all, but it was neat that she was there too! 

For some reason we started talking about patriarchal blessings. I tried to involve Alexis as much as possible. As we were talking the Spirit filled the room. It was so powerful. I felt like I was going to explode! We were kind of indirectly teaching Alexis, while talking about the blessings. Sis Murphy asked me "What did you have to do in order to prepare to get one?"

My thoughts, Why yes I'd love to testify my guts out while another person who fell from our faith is here. So I did! I talked about my preparation to receive it. I explained that the Blessing is a map of your life, and can guide us to the happiness that God has prepared for us, both now, and in the eternities. I felt the Holy Ghost so strongly. There's no way Alexis didn't feel it. There was so much peace there. Elder Klima and I both knew that Heavenly Father was working on Alexis and trying to lead her back to the truth. 

Later we saw Sis Murphy again and told us about Alexis' reaction after we had left. Alexis started asking questions about how to get one. It was beautiful. 

I testify that God loves us, and is so happy and ready to answer all of our prayers and dreams. I know He Lives and loves us so much. I truly have felt so much love while serving the Lord. I have never felt closer to God. I testify Christ does live, and His Atonement is real too. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Johnson

In seminary we had the "March Madness"challenge, which was to read the entire Book of Mormon in a month.

Hello Everyone!
Well this week was great!!!!!
Remember Sister Payne? She's a less active I talk about a lot. She's so amazinggg!!! We saw her a few days ago, and the lesson went SOOOOOOOOOWELL.
I think she's one of my favorite people! Anywho, we went to go see her, and we were very close to doing something else instead, but we figured it would be best to go and see her. It was definitely the correct choice. 

We followed up to see if she was reading her scriptures, and she said she was so swamped with homework that she couldn't.  I started telling her about an experience I had while in seminary. In seminary we had the "March Madness" challenge, which was to read the entire Book of Mormon in a month. I was very determined to do it! I read and read, but I got very busy, and things didn't work out as I hoped. I would do my homework, and then never had time at the end of the day. Before I knew it there was only a week left. Feeling over exhausted I gave up. When I went to seminary a few days later, the other students talked about the neat experiences that they had. I felt a fire in my soul, and I determined to finish it.
 I knew God could help me do it. I prayed very hard that I would be able to finish reading. I then asked my mom if I could set aside my chores for a time to be able to finish my goal. She agreed wholeheartedly and was proud of me for trying to hard.

I rearranged my thinking and decided that I would start reading my scriptures FIRST, instead of last. I found that every time I did that, no matter what, I ALWAYS had enough time for everything else. Without fail it happened again and again. Before I knew it I had completed the Book of Mormon. When i stopped I was only a third in. I had read 2/3's of the Book of Mormon in a week.

I shared this with Sister Payne, and she felt immense love from Heavenly Father. I told her she could do it too. I expressed our love for her, and she was beaming from ear to ear. I then told her that this expression of love is a fraction of what her Father in Heaven feels for her. She later told us that earlier that day, she was thinking about us and wondered "I wonder when the Elders are coming by" When we knocked she already knew it was us and wasn't surprised to see us arrive.

I testify that God loves us perfectly. I really know that He not only loves us, but He expects us to be obedient, and HELPS us do so! :) The commandments are guiderails on the highway of life. Which guide us to Happiness
Pretty much God says "Hey you! Be happy!" and yet sometimes we say "NO! and immaturely run away like a little kid who stole a cookie from the counter" No no no my brothers and sisters! :) hahaha, obedience is much more simple, and easier :) Not to mention much, much, MUCH more HAPPIER!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Word of wisdom either comes from God, or does not. God would confirm to him!

WOW. Conference was SO amazing!
But anywho. STORY TIME!!!
This week was beautiful listening to conference. We met a nonmember named Helena, she was moving on saturday and really needed our help. We, and a family from the branch came and helped her move. It took forever. She didn't pack very much, so we did A LOT. We started at 8 am on sat, and ended around 7 pm. It was so much work, and we barely scratched the surface of what she needed done. We missed the 12 and 4 o clock sessions of conference. We were very sad. But all worked out, we went to the Esteps house (their an AMAZING family here. I love them!!!) and we watched conference with them in the morning to catch up. Then we went to the church and watched the 12 and 4 o clock sessions. 
We're going to the Esteps tonight to watch 2 more hours. By then we would've watched every session. yayyy!!!!!!

We enjoyed a lot of conference and even got to teach a lesson! It was a pretty busy day, but the Lord sent us over to a less active man named Terry. We pulled up to his house, not sure if he was asleep. The lights were off, and it didn't look like he'd be very happy if we knocked. We've met with Terry a few times and had very powerful and loving lessons with him. He's a very special man. Here's a little bit about him.

(he investigated many many years ago, but didn't get baptized. The Elder that taught him back then said, "If you ever decide to get baptized, I don't care where I am in the world, I will come and baptize you" Terry joined the church last year, and sure enough, this much older former missionary drove over multiple states and baptized him. Terry has since struggled with some word of wisdom issues and coming to church, but the lessons we've had with him have nourished his soul, and he has slowly been coming unto Christ once again.)

Anywho. So we were at the door, and Elder Klima knocked, No one came to answer. We were going to leave, but I knew that he was in there and needed something we were going to say. I knew it, because only a few minutes earlier, I prayed in the car. In this prayer I asked specifically, that Terry would not be frustrated or angry, even though it was late, and that we'd be able to teach him something he needed to hear. I was a billion percent confident that God would answer me. So I boldly opened the door and pounded at it very loudly. Immediately the lights inside flipped on and sure enough, Terry came to the door. He was very very glad to see us and immediately let us in.  We talked about Conference, and how the words of God can guide us to safety. 
He brought up concerns of why he needed to give up coffee. He admitted he didn't believe it was necessary. We told him simply that the Word of Wisdom either comes from God, or does not. We said "If the commandment truly came from God, then God would confirm to him if that's really what He wants."

We both boldly testified of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, The Spirit touched his heart. We promised him that God would answer his sincere question if he worked for it. 
I love this Church, I love the Savior. I love my Heavenly Father very much. I'm sooo grateful that we have funny Prophets. But more importantly, I'm glad we have them.
In the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen. 

 Elder Johnson

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Many tears were shed among the chapel.

Hello friends and family! 

Wow this week was AMAZING. 
3 stories I wanted to share. Sorry, they're long. But worth it!

Remember when I first started my mission? I was serving in the Pitt 3rd Ward. We visited Sister Mcclendon all the time, and she was such a great missionary. She always had someone we could teach.  Well, my current area touches the border of Pitt 3rd. Last monday while shopping at walmart we saw Sister Mcclendon!!!!!!!!! It was so cool! We had things to do so we couldn't talk much, but it was so cool seeing her. And even though I'm in a different area. She STILLL gave us a name we could go visit. Hahaha!!!! What an amazing missionary. (here's a picture)

So we visited a less active man named david the other day, but he watned to have the lesson outside. Even though I didn't really want to, we went. I didn't like the noisy cars n'at driving by. But anywho, we continued teaching when a woman came by and asked why we were dressed up. We introduced ourselves as missionaries. She said she was catholic, but still loved to learn. She asked us if we ever go down Aspen St. Before we could even get her name she walked off again.
We were super sad she left, but we kept teaching david.  A few minutes later, SHE CAME BACK! She told us "hey! If you're ever in the area come by aspen st and I'll give you some water! Even better, I'll make you cookies!"  She proceeded to repeat her address 3 more times to make sure we knew it. As she ran off again she yelled "I make no bake cookies!!!"

Of course, we went and saw her. It was soooo neat! She's amazing! She doesn't really want to change religions, but we'll see what happens :)

3rd story! The Branch is TOTALLY catching the WAVE. Last sunday we had our testimony meeting in sacrament. The Spirit was so powerful, there is no doubt that Heavenly Father's love was present and strong. Almost the entire branch went up and shared their testimonies. There was so much love, each one talked about how much they loved another member that sat among the congregation. They all talked about missionary work. All of them invited each other to participate in missionary work and go home teaching. It was so beautiful. I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything in the universe. I was so glad to have been able to feel that. I wanted everyone in the whole world to fill in the chapel and feel what I felt.
 Many tears were shed among the chapel. It was so peaceful.

I really know this church is true. I do, I really and truly do. I love you all, thanks for all that you do to serve and love. I testify this church is true, That God Loves us perfectly, and Jesus Christ really lives. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.   

Elder Johnson.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Amazing Story!!!!


 "So here in the branch there's a member named Bro Punjack. He works on boilers as a job. He was working on one with the help of his dad, when 
the boiler door (which weighs 1,000 pounds) fell from where it was attached and landed on top of his foot. The two of them immediately lifted his the boiler door and called for help.
They both waited as they heard the sound of the ambulance racing their way. Luckily everything worked out. Jimmy has 4 broken toes, and is in a brace for 6 weeks. Very minor results from a huge disaster.
Here's the miracle from the Lord's hand:  The men that came to assist wanted to move the boiler door. They put a line over a beam to act as a "pulley" to lift it. The weight of the boiler door started to cause the beams to bend under the weight. They even used a crank underneath the door to lift it and still struggled. It is not even physically possible for those two men to have been able to lift it by hand."

MIRACLES my friends!
Anywho. I testify this Church is God's very church. I testify God's Apostles and Prophets again walk on this earth. I testify God's love IS most precious, above all else. I testify Jesus IS the Christ, and He does in very fact, Live. 
I bear witness that the Book of Mormon is true, I've prayed and I felt it for sure.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

LOOOOVE., Elder Johnson!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Elder Klima goes first. As he was speaking the spirit told me not to use what i wrote. " What?! "

Why hello you wonderful friends of mine!
Things are going SWELL here in the branch!

Elder Klima and I both gave talks last sunday, and I really wanted to talk about that experience. Anywho. We spent a few days preparing our talks with the topic "The Hastening of the Work". And we both felt really good about what we were going to use.

Sunday arrives and we both are sitting on the stand. Elder Klima goes first. As he was speaking the Spirit told me not to use what I wrote. I was freaking out. Thinking "What?!?! You couldn't have told me this, like, FOUR DAYS AGO?!?!" 

I kept praying about what I SHOULD say since the branch needed other words. No answer.
I prayed again asking what to share. Still nothing. 
Now I was nervous as Elder Klima was wrapping up his talk. 
I decided I wouldn't be an amoeba and actually try to put some effort forth. I pushed forward with faith and tried to prepare something else. Too late. My turn.

I stood up and walked to the microphone. Still no answer from the Spirit. I opened my mouth and before I knew it the Spirit was in the room and testifying of the words given me. 

It was a very powerful talk about Hastening the Work. 
"After all is said and done, when we get to live with our Father in Heaven and sit with him at an imaginary dinner table. Our Father doesn't want any empty seats"
I also spoke about unity in the work. I talked about how we are all here for a reason.
No matter how insignificant we may feel. We all have a part to play. There are souls who are waiting for us to reach out to them. I like to think in my imagination, that perhaps we arranged to help specific people and bring them the Truth before we came here to this earth. I like to think that all of the people in our lives are there for us to help, and also to be helped.

This Gospel is true my Brothers and Sisters. I testify that God is directing this Church. 
I love you All. You're all amazing :)

Elder Johnson.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"We cannot ask "how can we hasten the work, because we don't The Lord does!"

Wow. I love. Stake. Conference.

2 General Authorities came!!!!!!

Elder Teh and Elder Kunz. They announced the split of our stake! And we found out that pitt 3rd (my very first area) is joining the stake! Which means I might be able to see some of the members at stake activities!!!
Anywho. They gave beautiful counsel regarding missionary work for members. They said "The Lord is hastening His work in His own time" He continues "We cannot ask 'how can WE hasten the work,' because we don't. The Lord does!"

I love that!   It means, it's the Lord's work.  He will provide the way for us to do difficult things :) He will always provide a way to do what He wants us too!

Story time!
This week we did A TON of service! We met with a less active man, we'll call him Brother Z. He has not been to church in many many years and has picked up some colorful habits! Anywho. We went out and did some lawn work.  
Okay. one thing to know about PA, there is no such thing as flat. 

So we mowed the lawns...vertically. Kidding, but it was SUUPER tough! And last time I checked I'm still an inky dinky little asian boy with enough muscle to lift my scriptures! So Pushing the lawn mower up and down was really tough, but it needed to be done. So the Lord provided a way that I could still provide the service needed.
Bro Z was so appreciative and thanked us tremendously. He later told us he wanted to make it out to church.  Service is beautiful my friends! :)
Elder Johnson

We decided to "liken the scriptures" to ourselves... So we made a fort in our apartment :) hehe.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I stopped "saying Prayers", and really PRAYED.

I'm doing fantastic! 
Elder Klima and I get along sooo so soooo well it's ridiculous. We have a hunch that one of us will be transferred very soon, only 2 more weeks until we find out!
We're too unified! That's why haha.
Any who. Things are doing great here! One of our investigators came to church! So that was great!
This week was sooooo cool.

Remember Sis Payne? I talked about her briefly a little while ago....At least I think I did...hehe.
SO anyways, Sis Payne is a less active woman and hasn't been to church is many years. Her son served a mission and is currently in Utah with his wonderful family. He encourages her a lot.

Any who, we saw her again this past week and had a powerful and wonderful lesson with her. She has a desire to come back to church! So we talked about Spiritual goals. Setting Goals and making Plans! The Spirit was very strong.
She later told us that before we saw her, she was feeling very low. She was very distressed and didn't know what to do. She told us she prayed so fervently, asking the Lord to help her know what to do. The next day, we showed up. 

The Lord truly answers our prayers. He knows our hearts. He knows what we need. There is a mighty reserve of powerful blessings waiting for us, but can only be received upon our asking for them. My testimony of prayer has truly been strengthened. I stopped "saying  prayers", and really PRAYED. I know He knows us perfectly, better than we do, and He knows who to send to help us :)

 Please have an attitude of service. If we are too caught up in our own ways of the world, we may lose the precious opportunity of becoming an answer to another's heartfelt plea to the Lord. 

 Elder Johnson

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I don't think I've ever appreciated the Priesthood more.

Well hi there! Sorry, long email. I promise it's worth reading through though :) Bear with me :)

Okay! so craazy story.  Remember Brandon? The first baptism I was a part of?

He actually lived outside of the ward boundaries but was permitted to go to the ward because all of his friends lived in Pitt 3rd ward.

I'm now serving in the McKeesport branch! I am serving where he lives! I totally want to go visit him!!!

Anywho, the Branch here is full of amazing people! The building it beautiful, and I mean the Spirit that is so powerfully present. It's amazing. I could just sit there and get translated or something!

My Companion is likewise amazing. He's probably the happiest person I've ever met in my whole entire life. His name is Elder Austin Klima (pronounced Klee-ma)   from Canada. He's been out for about 4 and a half months. He's so amazing, I love him so much! We're already great friends!
We get along great, and are excited to push the work forward!

Anywho, this week was really interesting.. We taught our investigator named Dennis and BOY. is he hard to teach. He just could not accept the Book of Mormon at all. He wouldn't even let us open it while in his house!! They sat there the whole time and bashed on how We are so lost and we don't know the full truth... Seriously, but he loves us so much and so does his wife. Which is crazy!

They also said that his wife never ever ever lets any religious messengers of any sort come into her home. She has zero tolerance for any missionaries or teachers from other churches. She said that we were the only missionaries that could come in because she felt something about us. They both kept saying they feel the Holy Ghost around us so powerfully when the missionaries came around. They said again and again "You two are so full of the Spirit!"

I kept telling them "By their fruits ye shall know them"
I don't think they were ready to understand. But they were right about one thing, the Spirit truly was there when we testified of truth. These two are very devout in studying the bible. They both know it better than me times 2! They preached to us of all sorts of weird stuff.

The Holy Ghost whispered to me, that the Priesthood is truly one of the Huge identifying features of the Lord's church. When the couple taught, I felt nothing but a whiff of air. But when Elder Klima taught, he taught by the Spirit, with authority from God, and  humble heart.
The Holy Ghost filled my heart EVERY time we spoke, and diminished when they did. The Priesthood authorizes us to teach with convincing power and authority. I don't think I've ever appreciated the Priesthood more.

I testify that Christ lives, His Priesthood is real, His church has been Restored. I testify that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God, and that Thomas S Monson is the rightful successor of that calling. I testify that miracles happen, according to our Faith in Christ.
In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Elder Johnson

Please write me here at our new apartment! :)

1617 Delaware Ave. 
 White Oak, PA 15131