Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Road kill & a word of wisdom pamphlet!

Hello hello my friends and family!   WOW where to begin??????
This week has been FANTASTIC. I'm sorry I haven't been able to email yinz very well. The life of a missionary is pretty jam packed! But let's start with Monday! We were referred a family to go and visit. We tried them a few weeks ago and they basically told us to leave, but fortunately we were able to receive an invitation to come back sometime.
We went back Monday and MIRACLES happened. We went and tried this family, the dad came out. He told us to leave, but we kept talking and didn't give up, soon enough the wife came out as well, and began asking questions. She was truly concerned about her daughter dating a Mormon. So she wanted to know all about our church. She thought we didn't celebrate holidays and had ten wives and a whole bunch of other funky stuff. Anywho, eventually we somehow ended up inside. and taught them all about the Book of Mormon. It was a really powerful lesson. Their hearts had truly changed.

They began to accept the restored Gospel. They knew Christ lived. We read 3 Nephi 11, when Christ comes to minister to the Nephites. They said "There's no difference at all between the Book of Mormon and the Bible!" As we began to leave we both noted how much they had changed. In the beginning, they wouldn't even let us in or talk to them. In the end, the Spirit had testified that Christ does live, and His church is real. They both said they Loved the Book of Mormon and wanted to read it and come to church! It was so cool!!!

I testify my Brothers and Sisters, that Christ really does live and love us. Heavenly Father does live. They both love us and are working so hard to help us all come unto them. I know this Gospel is true. and I TOO, love the Book of Mormon and know it to be the very word of God. I invite all of you, as does the Introduction to the Book of Mormon, to read it, ponder the message it contains, and then to ask God, the Eternal Father, in the Name of Christ, if it is true! I love this Gospel, I love this Restored Church. Christ does live :)  Elder Johnson

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