Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My invitation to all, not only study PMG but to get involved, live the Gospel!

Hello there!!

Wow this week was fantastic!!! Elder Andersen and I have seen miracles happening here in Berwick!
Some of our investigators have been dropping like flies, but the Lord immediately blessed with people who are more ready to receive the Gospel!
Lately I've been learning the importance of USING Preach My Gospel, and living what it teaches. Preach My Gospel is a missionary "guidebook", but that does not mean that only missionaries can use it. Quite the contrary! Preach My Gospel (PMG) is for EVERYONE. Since everyone's a missionary right??

Preach My Gospel not only instructs us of what to do, and how to teach, but it is also focused on Preaching with the SPIRIT. The Holy Ghost is EVERYTHING when it comes to, not only missionary work, but all callings established by the Lord. We must get the Spirit. Preach My Gospel easily shows us HOW.

Pleeease us it, I beg of you! It's too wonderful to not read it! We had a beautiful experience with a less active man we visited last week. I'll call him Jim.
Jim is a less active since he was 9, and has struggled remaining active. He's come every now and then, and hasn't quite been able to kick smoking. We saw him, and talked about missionary work and it's importance. He wanted to help us teach. So we gave him a Preach My Gospel and told him to study under prayer so he'd be ready for the lesson the next day.
 We went to see the Fletchers, and while there Jim bore a beautiful and powerful testimony of prayer. He brought the Spirit more than we could even begin to understand. Usually the house goes crazy when we come, but with Jim the Lord truly blessed us. The conditions were right. and The Holy Ghost was at work. My invitation to all of you, not only Study PMG. but to get involved. Get involved in your callings, and especially with how you live the Gospel.

 I testify that the Lord Jesus Christ does live. I know this Gospel is true. and I will never ever deny the reality of the Lord's divine nature, and perfect knowledge of our wellbeing. He lives.
He loves us. I know God is our Loving Heavenly Father. He will never forsake us or our families. He has called Prophets all days to lead us and guide us. Christ is the Pinnacle of all guidance and love. His atonement is real. Even when we make mistakes and reject His Gospel. He still loves us. I know the Gospel HAS been Restored through the Prophet
Joseph Smith. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and will always be so. Because I prayed about it. and I've felt more peace than anywhere else. The Spirit has revealed it.
I love you all. SO very very much!
Elder Johnsohn

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  1. I found this blog via various links deriving from my Pinterest search for Pittsburgh! I just got called to the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania mission (I leave for Mexico mtc September 24). This blog has gotten me pumped to go out and serve! Thanks for the posts! (This is the third time I've tried to post so sorry if the first two actually sent and you get all three!)