Wednesday, October 23, 2013

pierced even to the very soul

How yinz guys doin!
Pitt sure is getting chilly! The leaves are turning, and it's SO PRETTY! Transfers are comin around, and Elder Sparrow's leaving to be a district leader. and I'm training a new missionary! I hope I know enough, oh well! a sister told me that the Lord always qualifies those who desire to serve. What a wonderful promise! If we get a scary calling, or even get asked to go on a split, be not afraid. Only believe. The Lord will qualify us for anything He needs us to do. And by all means, if the Lord asks me to do something. I'm going to do it! Only blessings come from following the Savior! 
Last week we taught a members sister in law Holly. This sister has been trying to get Holly to hear the missionaries for over a year. We were the ones who got to teach her. The spirit was so thick, no one could deny it was there! She told us of a dream she had years and years ago. She was sitting on her bed, and Jesus was sitting next to her, whispering in her ear. She was told to type out all of these words as she heard them. The words appeared on a large television screen as she typed. I felt prompted to share Helaman 5:30. She read the verse. And tears fell from her eyes. These words touched her heart, and pierced even to the very soul. In all of these years, no one has been able to help her understand her dream. Not one could answer her question. And she finally understood the voice of perfect mildness.
Brothers and sisters. I love you all, the Lord DOES qualify us, and DOES answer our prayers. This wonderful daughter of God waited for years, but she did get her answer, and it changed her life. I invite you all, to read the scriptures every day, and pray for understanding and enlightenment before you begin. Ask for the Holy Ghost to be with you. I promise you, that you will feel and see the Lord's hand in your life, and that your eyes will be opened to something you didn't understand before.
With love. Elder Johnson

One of our investigators, Brandon. He's awesome.

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