Monday, November 18, 2013

don't take temples for granted

All is well here in da Burgh! It snowed the other day, not sure if i'm happy or sad. The cold wind cuts right through you! But that's okay, I have the spirit of God like a fire is burning. Some members in the ward love korean food so we ate some at their house the other day. I was definitely a happy camper. And my companion hates it with all his might. I may or may not have chased him around the living room with a jar of kimchi... 
Today I wanted to talk about the beauty, and amazing experiences that the temple offers us. The temple is literally the House of The Lord. Only purity, love, and the spirit reside in its dedicated walls. It's such an amazing blessing from the Lord. This week we taught a less active member about temples. She was so thrilled and excited to once again walk into the temple doors and feel the indescribable spirit there. A married couple came with us to help us teach, and they bore powerful testimonies of how the sealing ordinance has blessed them, and helped them improve their relationship with each other and the Lord. This less active's brother also sat in the lesson. He was pretty stubborn in his faith, and seemed like this grumpy old dude, but he was so glad to hear that these ordinances can be offered to those who have passed away. Rather than be confused or freaked out, a light came on in his eyes. Of course our Heavenly Father loves ALL of His children. 
My invitation to all of you, is to attend the temple as frequently as your time will permit you. I promise you, that you're LIFE will glow, and everything will feel, and BE better and happier. Temple work, is the exact same as Missionary work. And the Lord will bless you for your diligence. I'm not sure if this is absolutely correct, but I heard Pittsburgh is the largest city in the US without a temple. I can't attend one for 2 years of my life. And most of you live 5 minutes from one. I'm pretty jealous! haha, Anyways, I love you all. Thanks so much for being an example to me. I know this work is real, and that the Book of Mormon is true. Love yinz!
-Elder Johnson

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