Monday, November 25, 2013

ask in faith and thank in gratitude

Hello my friends and family! I hope utah and wherever you may be is treating you nicely! PA sure is getting cold here! The wind just cuts right through our clothes! Hallulujah for scarves! Anywho, I sure have been doing great this past week! It was really...reaaally weird though. A ton of our appointments cancelled and we ended up teaching random investigators we thought wouldn't progress. It's been an interesting mix up. It snowed a bit this week too, we're super excited for the holidays!!!!. Elder Birrell and I have been listening to elder david archuleta's christmas album since october! Our thanksgiving plans seem super promising too! we're eating at a members home and doing some service for a nonmember!
This week I've definitely gained a testimony of praying in faith. These past few weeks we were having a really hard time seeing our investigator Holly. We've tried seeing her for so long and we've had absolutely no luck. We prayed intently that we'd be able to see her. And we did! I also prayed that we'd have a better relationship with the bishop. Lo and behold he asked us if he and his wife could come to our appointment with Holly. It truly was so inspired. We talked about repentance, and read from the powerful scriptures from D&C 121, it was so amazing. We honestly had no idea if we'd actually see her that day, but we put our faith first and did all we could to make it happen. And the Lord answered our prayers. I know that the Lord will, ALWAYS answer our prayers, when we ask in FAITH. If we ask for blessings and then don't do anything about it there's no point in asking! That's like asking santa for a unicorn and then being naughty anyways. Tisk tisk, that surely isn't the way! Heavenly Father has definitely blessed me, and answered my prayers. And I know it's because I didn't give up! No matter how discouraging trials may feel, it would serve us well if we did our best to be grateful! This thanksgiving surely is a blessing in helping us remember how much the Lord's hand is in our lives. I invite all of yinz to 'Ask in faith, and thank in gratitude', and I promise you will find it to be one of the most powerful resources prayer can offer!
I love you guys!! Thank you for your prayers and support! I'm so grateful to hear from ya'll, and for those of you who don't write me I'll track you down and throw a pennsylvania snowball at you!
Love Elder Johnson


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