Monday, December 2, 2013

fan the flame of your faith

Hellooooo friends and family!!!!
I just love PA!! The people are nice, almost never sunny, and no one knows how to drive!!
Just kidding, I really do love it here! I have SUCH a strong testimony of missionary work! It's so powerful, and its blessing even so. Last week I have gained SUCH a testimony of talking to everyone! Elder Martin and I were on exchanges and our day was set and planned to perfection! Then almost every plan we had made fell through and things began to fall apart. We put our faith in the back ups we planned and pursued to see these people. We arrived at the home of a family we picked up two weeks ago, only one car was parked in their driveway and the lights were dim. We were discouraged to see signs showing that no one was home. Before we knocked on the door, we noticed a man quite a ways down the street walking his dog. Even though he was far away we ran down the street like ninjas sneakily and started talking to him. He wasn't at all interested and tried his hardest to get away. We invited him to accept a Book of Mormon and still declined. He walked away and we started to head back toward their home, but this time their was another car there! We knocked on the door and we saw a Larry, an investigator we've been trying to see for a while. We were let in, they fed us AMAZING FOOD. He's a chef, no big deal. And we had an AMAZING lesson with them. We talked about eternal families. Larry's wife asked how our church came to be, and Larry started to TEACH her the restoration!!!!!! The spirit was so powerful. Larry told us this was literally the only time he's been home all week, and it was a miracle we were even able to see them. Yes, yes it was a miracle!
Always put your faith first! It seems like we all know this principle, but it's over looked far too often. When Christ was here on this earth, the sick were healed by their Faith. And just as before, We too, are healed by our FAITH! I sure love this Gospel, It's blessed and changed my life! I never want to go home! (Sorry mom) Anyways, I love you all, thank you for being a torch of faith in my life. As counseled by Elder Jeffery R Holland. First and forever, fan the flame of your faith!! Thank you all, for fanning mine! Bye! Be safe, and have fun!
-Elder Johnson

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