Monday, May 12, 2014

We did the "Mormon Helping Hands" project out in Mansfield. 2 hour drive!!!

Hello Hello family and friends! (please excuse the typing errors, i'm typing fast!)
Wow was this week amazing!!!!
Thanks again for all of the wonderful birthday wishes!!! I had a wonderful birthday. Last Saturday we went and did the "Mormon Helping Hands" project out in Mansfield. Which was a 2 hour drive. But hey! I had so much fun doing service. We helped out at a recreational park and did some gardening and painting there. Twas neat. And my birthday was great! I hope you all had a fantastic Mother's Day! I got to Skype my family!!! yayyy!!

Anywho. This week has been filled with many mighty miracles. Beautiful things have been going on here in the Berwick area. Last week we received a Zone Training meeting about planning better, and listening to the Spirit. and both of those have tremendously blessed us. Last week we went to see a family named the Hummels. A wonderful family who have been making wonderful progression in being suuuper active in the Church. We felt impressed by the Spirit to teach them about Christ like Attributes, and it's exactly what they needed! They were having some problems in the home, but Truly, Christ like love and qualities will always excel happiness, joy, and we will find ourselves literally becoming more like The Master.

Last friday we went and tried to contact a referral, but the last time we went to see him (Brandon) his dad answered the door and was mad that we were there. Totally not interested at all. We went again, feeling a little leery, but still did so. We knocked on the door, and Brandon answered. We talked a little bit, I felt prompted to ask him if we could watch a Mormon Message with him. He agreed to let us in. We began teaching and then watched a Mormon Message about Elder Christofferson's talk about a Gardener and a bush. The Gardener in the video cuts down a bush. and the bush is angry at the Gardener, angry that he stops his growth and progression. The Gardener explains that He is the one in charge, and He knows who He wants the bush to become. cutting it down would help it grow better, healthier, and stronger. Brandon really loved this message, and immediately we could feel his receptiveness to the Gospel. We taught him about Prophets, The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and about the Book of Mormon. We invited him to pray and ask if it's true. He said he was already going to before we asked. He agreed to be baptized. hopefully everything goes well with him! Keep him in your prayers!

Last Sunday the Missionaries gave talks about missionary work and mothers. I read one of my Mom's letter's, explaining her conversion story. It was very powerful, and the Spirit was so strong. Later Sister Hummel came out and greeted us in tears, thanking us for knowing exactly what to say. 

I know Heavenly Father is completely and utterly aware of us. I know He knows. I bear my Witness of the Living Christ, and the Truthfulness of and Divine Nature of the Book of Mormon. I know the Plates are real.
I love you all, very much. I pray for you often, and wish we all remember the essential and fundamental foundation of Daily Scripture Study. I love you very much. The Lord loves you very much. I know He looks out for us, and I hope the Spirit will convey to you how powerfully i know this to be true.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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