Monday, June 16, 2014

My comp took away the cigarette from an investigator & i was very shocked to see it later in my bag!

This one will be a little short, but still I mean every word.
 I pray the Spirit of the lord may be with all of us! :)
I'm so happy here! My joy is great as we've been serving the Lord here in
the Berwick area. We have a baptism coming up this week and it'll be FANTASTIC! We're
so excited! Last week we had an amazing Zone Conference. It was probably the last time we'll see our Mission President, President Topham, seeing as they are leaving in a few weeks. Something really cool actually, President Johnson, the New Mission President, has a son named Andrew!!!

So cool!!!!!! Last week we had a really neat experience. So we have this investigator that we recently taught the Word of Wisdom. He rolls his own cigarettes, but was very determined to get rid of it so he could be baptized. So we challenged him to give it to us. My companion Elder Redd took it away at the lesson. (I was very shocked to see it later in my bag) Anyways! While we were home, we obviously knew we should throw it away. I went to the garbage to do so, but I felt its evil had no place in our apartment. I wrapped in a bag and threw it outside. When we both walked back into the room, the room felt a million tons lighter. It felt like walking into a church. The Holy Ghost bore witness that it was an apartment of God! A temple even.

The Lord's challenge for each of us, is to rid ourselves of our own "spiritual tobacco" and allow the "Temples" of our lives, whether that mean our environment, home, and even body. All of our "Temples" must be clean and worthy enough to be full of the Spirit of the Lord. Whether it be physically speaking, or temporally speaking.
I testify that the Lord is ever so sensitive and aware of our needs, and of our hearts. He is our Father.

Happy Father's day!

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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