Tuesday, June 24, 2014

patriarchal Blessings aren't guidelines or recommendations! They are prophecies according to our faithfulness!

Hello family!
How great is it to hear from you all!
I have been doing very wonderful! Last week I issued a challenge to make your lives more like Temples. How has that been going?? Please Return and Report ;)

We had a baptism last week! His name's Jimmy Jr. He's 9 years old. He's so energetic and crazy, but all went well at the baptism! His father (Jimmy Sr.) was so emotional and touched it was amazing. A very powerful baptism. His confirmation ( done by my companion Elder Redd) was very beautiful as well. The family is pretty crazy, and almost always fighting and squirming, but all went well at church! They were so behaved it was ridiculous! It's amazing what the Spirit can do!

I wanted to talk today about Fulfilling our responsibilities. If we are not fulfilling and magnifying our responsibilities we are throwing away Celestial Glory. Christ didn't say it was easy, but He DID say it was worth it. My brothers and sisters, last week I received a revelation that has changed my life forever. It involved my Patriarchal Blessing, and who I can become. I was cutting myself short of who I can become, and denying every opportunity to achieve it because I had the mindset that all would fold out if it was meant to happen.

 Although the Lord does often work this way, it was not so with my blessing. We have to do our part, and realize who we can become!!!! This knowledge hit me in the head like a 2x4. Hello! It was as if the Holy Ghost bonked me on the head and said "Hello Elder Johnson! Patriarchal blessings aren't guidelines or recommendations! They are prophesies according to our faithfulness!"

I felt about this big  .
I learned that I need to fulfill my responsibilities! I learned, it is more than just a job that comes with a fancy name tag. I am fulfilling my role for God, by helping others understand God's role for them!
With love,  
Elder Johnson

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