Monday, November 10, 2014

She immediately grabbed & hugged it. She was so grateful to hold another Book of Mormon!

Hello family and friends!
Things are going swell here on a mish!

The other day we had a neat experience with contacting a referral. It was getting to be night time as we were walking by looking for the house 1725. We passed a really dark and scary house and Elder Klima says "That house is freaky, I'm glad it's not that one"
I read the address.     1725.
We went to the door hoping for the best, and a small Hawaiian woman came out to greet us. She let us in and started to tell us all about her life. It ended up being and amazing visit. She joined the church almost 30 years ago and still remembers so much about the church and the Gospel. She has gone through so much affliction and has been struggling to keep her family in order and functioning well. She's going through so much I can't even list it, and she is still trying to serve her family. It was a very tender moment to see her love for her family and how much she was willing to give for her kids happiness. She is such a wonderful woman. 

She told us how she was tearing the entire house apart looking for her Book of Mormon, and she was sure that her husband had taken it away from her. When we arrived she was so happy to see us. We told her we had another Book of Mormon for her and she immediately lit up. She immediately grabbed it and hugged it. She was so grateful to hold another Book of Mormon.  We gave her another that she will be giving to her close friend. It was so beautiful. We left with smiles on our faces, and she looked so much brighter.

The Book of Mormon truly can bring peace into our lives as we study with Faith in God that He can help us. I've felt so much peace when I read the Book of Mormon.
I know Christ really did Atone for all mankind. I truly know that God loves us infinitely, more than we can understand. I love this Church and this Gospel, and I know that it is true. In the name of jesus Christ. Amen.
With love,

Elder Johnson.

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