Friday, April 17, 2015

These are STUPID lies from satan!! on the contrary, satan will ALSO lie to you on the other side of the argument. Such as.

Hello family and friends! 
I sure love emailing you all and sharing with you the lessons I've learned. There's no greater joy than sharing things we love. That's why we are asked to teach! We often learn MORE by teaching!

Anywho. I wanted to share some lessons I learned on REPENTANCE.

So! satan has some favorite lies in his toolkit of deception. There are many angled and directed at the doctrine of REPENTANCE. 

Sometimes satan tries to get us to think that repentance is a BAD thing. he will trick us into thinking that repentance is a TERRIBLE thing, because it means you have done something wrong. He will try to trick us into thinking that we ought not to repent. he will do ANYTHING to get you not to repent.  Fear. Is a powerful tool that he uses. 

He sends us lies to trick us and deceive us and get us away from repentance. 
lies such as:
"What will ______ think of me? What will my parents, my bishop, my family, my friends, think of me if they found out"
"They will HATE me for making a mistake."
"They will judge me"
"They will think I"m a failure, or that I'm a freak, that something is wrong with me. They will hate me."
"What will God think of me, He will hate me too..."

These are STUPID lies from satan!! on the contrary, satan will ALSO lie to you on the other side of the argument. Such as.

"God says keep trying, so just keep trying, you don't need to repent, just try again. Tell yourself that you'll stop and you will, you can do it alone. You can overcome it by yourself. You can do it without Christ."
"Maybe if you had more FAITH! you wouldn't be in this problem! now satan will get you!"
"You won't ever overcome this, God gave you weakness, so He meant for you to have this problem. You'll never overcome it, so don't try. You've been failing anyways so why try?? God designed you to have weaknesses, so obviously he designed you to be a sinner."
"You don't need to repent or come unto Christ."
"There are prerequisites to repenting. You need to do this first, do this first."

NO, the Truth is you need to  just come unto Christ. pray MORE. read. MORE. GO to church. MORE."

I testify from my Heart, with all the conviction of my soul that Jesus Christ lives. Yes. we need to repent. NO one is exempt or sinless. We have all come short of the glory of God. Yes., We do need to keep trying, but we NEED Jesus Christ. He's the ONLY way out of Sin. He is the ONLY name given under Heaven whereby any man or woman may be saved.

I TESTIFY.  With all the conviction of my soul and all the feeling in my heart, That God. Loves. His Children. I know that. I know that more than anything in this world. I KNOW God loves us, and He is our protector. Our Father. He will ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS welcome the repentant sinner with arms outstretched, not pushing you away. When God commands us to repent. He is not saying " you filthy child!" "I hate you! why were you in there!"
He says "Come, follow me. This way, is much better, safer, and happier. This path, MY path, of repentance leads you back home to ME :)"
I testify of these things, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
Elder Johnson :)
I love you!!   


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