Tuesday, April 7, 2015

So, USE your agency. Use it well. Choose God. Choose Light, Choose to never give up, and in the end you are choosing eternal life. Choose faith above doubt. Hold on to what you KNOW.

Hey there family and friends!
WOW I sure LOOOOOOOOVE conference!!!!!!!
There aren't enough words to describe how much I loved it!!! sheesh!!!
I have received so many answers to prayers as I have watched with an open hearts. Once in my youth, my Sunday school teacher made me a promise, They told me that ANY question I had, no matter WHAT it was about, would be answered if I prayed about it and watched conference. That promise has stood true! Every time, without FAIL I have received answers to the questions of my heart. One question in particular was in regards to the last 2 transfers (3 months) of my mission. As I watched conference I really wanted my answer. I was answered within the first 3 minutes!

As I pondered over what was said, I came to an epiphany of satan's plan in regards to our agency. I learned a lot as I pondered the doctrine of agency and even satan's role.

I realized that satan, the father of all lies hates agency SO much, because he has none. Satan does not have agency. Yes, he's allowed to tempt and try us, but he's only authorized to do what our Father in Heaven allows and permits. satan has to work within the bounds that God sets. The scripture states "God is faithful, and will not suffer you to be tempted above that which ye are able to bear, but will with the temptation provide a way to escape it" I butchered that but you know what I mean. So yes satan's allowed to tempt us, but he HAS to obey God's commandments STILL.

 Therefore, satan has no agency. He has no choice but to obey what God says. For example, imagine God with a clipboard and satan in the room as well. God is reviewing the many gifts of a child. "My son _____ has so many wondrous talents and abilities! I blessed him with many powerful strengths, but His strengths will not be strong without opposition. A body builder won't get strong without the opposition of heavy weights. So, satan, you are permitted to tempt my son ______ but ONLY to the level that I permit. You can only have claim, if he gives up. If he stops trying. Yes he may falter, that is expected. A body builder does not achieve strength in a day, or all at once. I know he will falter, but The Grace of Christ is sufficient for all men. It is sufficient to help all who are willing to keep trying. My strength, is made perfect in weakness. My son _______ will only lose, when he stops trying." 

My friends! The difference between God and us is GRACE. The DISTANCE of God and us is shortened by how many times we TRY, not fail. We are not defined by our weaknesses and ESPECIALLY our sins. We are not our sins. Our sins do not define who we are. Sins that are repented of REFINE who we are! satan wins, when we stop trying, he only has the power we give him. We can NEVER have our agency taken away. We will NEVER have choices made for us. But if we choose satan's way, our ability to use that agency diminishes. satan can't make us do anything. But we can be deceived by him, and choose his way if we do not hold on to the IRON ROD. THE WORD OF GOD!! 

So, USE your agency. Use it well. Choose God. Choose Light, Choose to never give up, and in the end you are choosing eternal life. Choose faith above doubt. Hold on to what you KNOW. What we KNOW will ALWAYS trump what we do not know! Like any person stranded at sea, one would hold tightly to the life preserver of FAITH, than cling to the evasive and escaping waters of doubt! Hold tight to that truth and faith, and help will come. The Savior Himself will catch you.  I so testify, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 
 Elder Johnson :)

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