Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I am not crazy, and it doesn't matter what this man says or thinks about my testimony, no matter how much he tries to demean truth, Truth is STILL truth. and NEVER changes!

So my whole mission I've been very very blessed!
Heavenly Father knows that I do not like contention!!! And I do not like contentious people!
And alllll of my mission I've been blessed with not having mean crazy people hunt me down and bible bash!Cept........................last week!
It wasn't really that bad, but I found this man very's why
So we're super late to district meeting and we're walking around and this man stops us and says "Oh mormons!" then he starts telling us that we're wrong and we're misled and he said

"You are absolutely absurd to believe what you believe! You'd have to be absolutely insane to think you're right!"

He went on to name off a list of some of our beliefs but exaggerated and defiled them. He said some very terrible things that I wouldn't dare repeat. He told us this list of things we "believe"

I was very tempted to say some nasty things back but I knew better. I was pretty proud of myself though! As he was spewing these anti mormon things I could think of billions of Scriptures to debunk every lie. It was pretty cool! But that's not the point.

I knew he wouldn't listen, my companion and I tried to defuse these lies but he just was not listening... and I knew there was no point. not to mention we were super late!

I learned something very powerful from Preach My Gospel that has blessed my entire mission. So I've never been a scripture wiz, everrr!!!!! Before I came out I couldn't name all the books in the book of mormon! But what I can do is bear my testimony!

Our testimony trumps everything, It is difficult to battle a sincere and heartfelt testimony shared by someone and then the confirming and powerful witness of the Holy Ghost also brings feelings of love and Godliness. But only if the other person is receptive...he...was definitely not!

But I stood there and raised my hand, he let me speak, and as sincerely as I could I bore a short, but powerful testimony of my witness of Jesus Christ.
I said "I testify to you, that I KNOW Jesus Christ Lives!.................But we're very late and we have to go!"

The man laughed with us and we were able to leave on a good note. 
I don't think he felt anything from that witness. But I sure know that I did. I felt the Spirit so strong as I testified to this man. And I know that I am not crazy, nor am I absurd. I am not crazy, and it doesn't matter what this man says or thinks about my testimony, no matter how much he tries to demean truth, Truth is STILL truth. and NEVER changes! 

My companion later told me of a funny analogy of that experience with that man. He compared it to a pet owner yelling at his cat. "DOG! you are a DOG!!!!!!!"
No matter how hard that person's still going to be a cat!
And that's how God's Truth is! and His Promises! They NEVER change! and I know that God is real and Alive! 
So is the Savior Jesus Christ, and I testify He loves us and LIVES. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Johnson

We helped someone move... and we found cool pointy things!!! Just kidding, it wasn't pointy at all, but we still had fun! it was SAFFFEEE!!! don't worry :)

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