Monday, September 9, 2013

really. freaky. bugs

How all yinz doin!! SORRY! I've been busy beyond belief here in Pitt, so I didn't have time. But here I am!
All is well here in da burgh, the weather is very slowly getting cold, so that's going to suck.. But the leaves are beginning to turn yellow, I'm super excited. Apparently it's absolutely gorgeous. We've been getting REALLY. FREAKY. BUGS. More centipede things, plenty of spiders, and the other day I found the most terrifying spider ever. It was red, and had striped legs, and had a cheetah pattern on it's abdomen. No big deal though, indiana jones had it easy.

Anyways! It has been a spectacular week! Absolutely amazing. And it was all because we were trying to be exactly obedient. 
Elder Sparrow and I decided we should probably work harder at being exactly obedient, so we tried our hardest to get to bed on time, which was something we didn't do all the time. We did our best, and the next day we had the most amazing lesson I've ever been a part of. Elder Sparrow felt prompted to talk about prophets to a less active lady. We went to her house and started teaching the first lesson. Immediately after mentioning Joseph Smith, she brought up her concerns about why we even needed a prophet. Further guided by the spirit, I felt that revelation come to my mind, so that I could answer her question. I ended up telling her something along the lines of this "The Gospel is the same yesterday, today, and forever. But satan's temptations and craft are always changing to try and bring us into his grasp. They aren't the same, he's constantly thinking of new ways to distract us from this Gospel. We are given a prophet and revelations so we can combat those things."
She understood clearly this concept, and the Spirit bore testimony to her that it was true. Because of our obedience, the Spirit was there, completely and unrestrained. He prompted us what to say, and when to say it. He inspired our questions and the Spirit pierced her heart, and filled her with truth. She asked me to say the closing prayer, and as I did so, the Holy Ghost prompted me to know what to say. Afterwards, tears were in her eyes, and she was amazed at how personally those words have touched her. 
I felt as though I was just sitting there and watching, I only "participated" in the work. By striving to be obedient, the Lord provided the way, and all we did was listen.
I know this church is true. And all of our brothers and sisters need to hear about this message, that Jesus is the Christ, and by being obedient to his commandments and living worthy of the gift of the Holy Ghost, we are given the privilege of Eternal Exaltation. I know that Joseph Smith was and is a Prophet of God, and that Thomas S. Monson holds that same mantle. I know that living by their words, we can receive that further knowledge of how to protect ourselves from the adversaries snares, and we can feel the peace and impossible joy that comes from this Gospel. I want to challenge you, to invite someone to hear the words of these servants of the Lord, and invite them to watch General Conference. Ask them to have a question in their mind. A sincere, and genuine question, and I promise that it will be answered while watching, through, and because of the Holy Ghost. I love you all, thanks for your prayers and for your support! Bye!
-Elder Johnson

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