Tuesday, September 17, 2013

the importance of family home evening

HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! The weather forecast here in the Burgh of Pitt consists of rain, more rain, and literally dumptrucks of water EVERY OTHER DAY. But i don't complain, it's a nice twist from snow, rain, and sunshine in the same hour ;)
Time's a wastin! so I can't say much, but i've been doing grand! I sure love it here in Armpit. The people are so polite...kinda. But oh well, one way or another they'll get to hear about the gospel! Yesterday I was told something very peculiar. We met with a part member family and taught them how to hold a Family Home Evening. Another active family joined us to help out. We watched the Restoration video, it was very cool. The Spirit was definitely there. The father of the home asked me why I went to church, and pretty much politely demanded that I bear my testimony of my "conversion story" and how I knew the church was true for myself. I was comfortable doing so, so I didn't mind. I told him about the darkness, and light, and grace I felt as I lived through high school. He continued his questions of why I came back. I answered and bore my testimony of how the gospel has offered me the  protection, joy, and peace that comes from remaining anchored to this everlasting gospel. He looked over to his son who was also in high school. And I knew why he had asked. After we left, the member who accompanied us leaned over and told me "That, that is why you're here" I didn't quite understand what she said, and it was apparent to me at all, the effects of the words I spoke as I bore my testimony. But she saw how perfectly that piece of my life aligned with what this boy needed to hear. It was so amazing to be a part of that experience with their family. Families truly are ordained of God, every member of a family, has such divine potential, to serve one another, to lift and inspire, and to bless with words of true love and compassion. This is why we have Family Home Evening, so we can build those sacred experiences and relationships with each other. After all, the Home, is the only place that can compare to the sacredness of the Temple. I know this gospel is true, and I also know that we've all been prepared to speak with someone, and declare our testimonies of how we came to know of its truthfulness. I challenge all of you to hold a Family Home Evening, and offer up the words you might not normally speak. Tell your parents why you love them, thank them for the powerful and inspired counsel as they raised you into this world. Tell your siblings how special they are you to, and how blessed you are to have them. EVEN if the bug the daylights out of you. Thanks for all of your love and support. I love you all. 
-Elder Johnson

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