Monday, September 30, 2013

stand ye in holy places, and not be moved

Why hello friends and family! All is well here in da Burgh! The temperature is dropping and the leaves are changin! Sounds like FALLL! I can't wait to see the fall colors in full force! It's going to be great!
Anywho, last week I had a great experience. We visited a less active named Sister Mcclendon, she misses a lot of church because of her job, but she has such a powerful testimony of the gospel. Her grand daughter is also a member, but lately she's been pressured with the bent views of high schoolers. Sis mcclendon expressed her feelings of wanting her granddaughter to be safe, and protected in high school, she said that she has gotten a lot of peer pressure lately. I felt prompted to speak about the youth's theme to "Stand ye in Holy places, and be not moved", I spoke about it, and why the Lord has asked us to stand firm, and live as an example. The spirit was there. Her grand daughter felt our love as we spoke to her. When I was in high school, (which was only a few months ago, goodness!) I carried around a small For the Strength of Youth card in my wallet, and I had it with me almost all 3 years. Every now and then I would unfold it and read from it. It really did help me throughout high school. While sitting in the Mcclendon's home, I remembered the card in my pocket. I told them my story of how the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet helped me through high school. And I gave it to her grand daughter. She was so touched, and tears welled in her eyes. 
The gospel is meant to be an anchor in our lives. It keeps us grounded to the eternal truths of this church, and always guides us to a happier and blessed life. By living the gospel, we not only help ourselves, but bless those around us. Our example, and our testimony burns bright in the eyes of those who have never heard of this great news. I want to challenge all of you, to live your testimony, and stand anchored to the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ, particularly to the Youth. By doing so, we truly can stand in Holy Places, and be not moved. I bear my witness, of the power of example, if it were not for all of you, and your wonderful light in my life, I might not have made it out here in Pittsburgh. I bear my witness, that God lives, He loves us. Jesus lives, and his atonement can bless and lift us from any pit of despair. I know this is God's kingdom upon the earth.
I love you all. Thank you for your love.
-Elder Johnson

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