Monday, September 23, 2013

trust in the spirit

Hello friends and family!!! Life in da Burgh is pretty grand! It's been getting colder than a polar bears coca cola! Just kidding, it's just cold because all this darn humidity! Anywho, Elder Sparrow and I had a great experience teaching a recent convert. We had plans to see her at 7 o clock yesterday, but because her husband wasn't home, we had to bring another male with us, and we were struggling to find anyone available. We called and texted loads of people and no one responded or could make it. We sat and pondered, and almost immediately we said the same person. Excited that we both felt the spirit, we texted him and he was available, and more than willing to help us. We reviewed the lesson we had prepared for her, and then took off. We arrived at this sister's house, and i felt the spirit tell me not to teach what we prepared. It was strange, because I wasn't expecting that prompting, especially right then during the lesson. I thought of continuing to teach it, but the spirit refused to let me do so, I trusted it's prompting and we started talking about the role of prayer in our conversion. It ended up being an amazing lesson, one of the greatest I've felt. When we trusted the spirit we were given the words, and the questions to ask, to help this sister further develop her relationship with our Heavenly Father. Prayer truly is such a wonderful gift to us. If I wasn't a part of this church, and knew nothing of God, I would be so scared, and so afraid of what comes next, let alone the fact that we have the sacred privilege of conversing with Him as well. Our personal relationship is so important to establish, it shows God our love for Him, and greatly improves our relationships in all other forms, With our families, our friends, and just about any other human being on the planet! I love this church, I am so blessed to have this wonderful knowledge, and also the knowledge that my Father in Heaven is listening to every care, worry, and desire my heart could possibly hold. And He is more than willing to bless us with His grace, as we ask in faith. I love you all, thanks for your prayers, and for all that you have done to help me come out here in Pitt. 

Love Elder Johnson

We did service at the bishop's house. We destroyed his deck with sledge hammers and crow bars.
It was a lot of fun.

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