Monday, January 20, 2014

always follow your promptings

Hello there!!!! WOW do I have lots to say this week!
WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!! Kaylee and younger child was baptized last friday :) The baptism was a little haywire, and she was off kicking bouncy balls around in the cultural hall while the program was about to be started......BUT the spirit was super strong. and It was a wonderful and happy time :) She received the Holy Ghost yesterday, and I got to participate in it. While laying my hands on her head, and the words from the Bishop were "Receive the Holy Ghost" I literally felt her receive it. It was such a wonderful experience. She said she's so happy now. Keep Kaylee in your prayers! :)
Anywho. This week I had a wonderful experience that I wanted to share with you guys. Last sunday during sacrament meeting, I heard a talk about how to 'Spiritually progress' It really hit me, and brought a lot of answers to my questions. I also heard a daunting story of Pres. Monson, when he was a bishop. And when he postponed a prompting, he regretted it so much. I definitely didn't want to do that. I promised I'd follow whatever the spirit told me to no matter what! Later in church. I met a man who was visiting the church from out of state. He was a recent convert and just a wonderful guy. His name was Joseph. I didn't think much of our little chat, but something about him made me keep thinking of him. Almost all of our appointments cancelled that day,  but we just had to put our faith first. While at church, I felt prompted to ask Joseph to come and teach with us. He was walking away, and I thought " I can just ask him later" but I forced myself to get moving and I asked. He was a little timid, but agreed. A few minutes later he thanked me for testing his faith. We left church and tried to arrange a lesson he could take us to. Unfortunately nothing worked out. He came to our house, and we went to see a less-active family. Amazingly, they let us in. and now I know why. Joseph bore a beautiful testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and His restored church. It touched this family more than anything I have ever seen. He was so humble that the spirit immediately softened the hearts of this family. Sister F was so touched by his testimony. She had converted to be a baptist after being baptized as an LDS member. She said she was so on the fence of where to go. We testified that this church really is true. And exhorted her to pray and ask God herself. Joseph taught once more of how he came to know these things were true. He said he prayed, and he knew that only goodness and cleanliness came from coming to church. It was so powerful, the spirit confirmed to me that this church really IS true. Heavenly Father literally guided us to their house, and allowed us to be instruments in His hands. And all because of a tiny whisper that I needed to ask Jospeh to come and teach. Anyways, I Love you guys. THank you for your love and support. and ALWAYS FOLLOW PROMPTINGS!!!! :) With love,
Elder Johnson

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