Monday, January 27, 2014

plate of bacon

Hello friends and family!!!!!!
This past week has been amazing!! It snowed like crazy though and th weather has been insanely cold. Thermal underwear works miracles my friends! This week the high will be 15 degrees. wahoo.
Anywho. This week has been full of miracles! We went and taught a lessactive woman and we had an amazing lesson with her. The spirit was so powerful. We found out she didn't feel worthy to attend church because she didn't pay her tithing. We testified that God wanted her in His church. The spirit was strong, and I ended up promising her amazing blessings if she would come. The spirit confirmed my words to her. It was a REAAALLY neat experience.
Anywho. I'm working hard and doing my best! Luckily the members have been feeding us pretty well lately. I sure love food. I'm planning on gaining weight. No luck yet, but the zebroski's and their plate of bacon every visit might do me in! haha. So this week I wanted to share a really neat experience about the importance of CONVERSION. Elder Oaks gave a talk that says we must become converted to the gospel and not only have a testimony of it! One of our investigators has been making sooo much progress, and is becoming sooo converted to the gospel. She is LIVING the ward mission plan and trying to achieve all of the goals. Conversion can be defined by our desire to to good. When we become converted, we lose the desire to do evil, and we become cleansed through our every day choices. Conversion begins in the seeds of today's actions. I bear my witness that Jesus Christ lives, God lives and loves us SO perfectly. As our Father reaches out to His lost children, He needs His kids already in His arms to STAY there. I bear my witness that this is possible, and will bless our lives more than anything. I love you guys. soooo much. THank you for helping me be converted, I love this mission! I love this Work! I love Heavenly Father :)
with love, Elder Johnson

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