Tuesday, February 25, 2014

holy host

Bonjour family and friends!!!!!
You guessed it! I'm being transferred! Wowzers! 7 months in a single area.
It sure has been a great blessing serving here in Pittsburgh 3rd ward. Next time you hear from me I'll be in a new area! Hopefully it's somewhere warm! The weather here makes no sense. Anyways, My companion is training! I totally called it too. Last week, we went and saw Sis Knight, she was reactivated last November. She is such a wonderful woman. Her home is a little chaotic and crazy, and she has never really felt true peace there. This has been her concern for quite a while. Anywho, when we went there, she really wanted to show us her attic. We went up, and it was a really neat room. It had everything you could need. Light flooded into the room perfectly. It felt very very peaceful, we all felt the Spirit there. Sis knight was very surprised that there was such a difference. But she truly has found her sanctuary and escape from the world. It was so peaceful there, and really felt like the holiest place in her home. This week I've learned the importance of the HOME. The Lord has counseled us with this, "Organize yourself, prepare every needful thing, establish a House, a House of Prayer, and House of Fasting, a House of Learning, a House of Order, a House of Glory and a house of God." As we study out the Scriptures, Pray, and dedicate our lives to the Gospel, our home will become like a temple, always prepared and ready to House the Spirit of the Lord. The Holy Ghost can only dwell with a Holy HOST! Clever I know. My invitation to us all, is to strive to allow our homes to become like the Temple. Where only peace, love, and future divine relationship can be forged! There truly is a noticable difference of those that Keep the Commandments of God. While on my mission I can feel such a difference comparing the home of an investigator we teach, to the Home of faithful members of the Lord's restored Church, who honor their relationship with Christ. Big difference my friends!!! ;) I love you all! Thank you for all that you do! Much Love,
Elder Johnson
REALLY  REALLY expensive pizza

Downtown Pittsburgh

Andrew's district

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