Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Making his companion do all the work

Helllooo my friends and Family!!!!
I sure hope life is treating yinz well. The Lord sure has been blessing me! it's been an ammmazing week. Full of great lessons, and awesome people who want to come back to church! The weather hasn't really been agreeing though. It snows a lot now. And hills and snow aren't exactly best friends. The landscape here is suuuper hill-y. It's like when the rug in your hallway gets all bunched up and shoved into the corner. It's like that! But everywhere! haha.
I have a good chance of being transferred on the 24th. We had our interviews with the mission President and he pretty much told me I'm leaving. But can you believe it! I've been in one area for 6 and a half months!!!!!
Anywho. I had a neat experience last week. We had plans to teach an investigator who has some trouble with the word of wisdom. But I felt prompted to teach about tithing instead. I kept thinking, "what does tithing have to deal with anything about living the word of wisdom???" But I didn't ignore that feeling, and we started to teach her. She agreed to live the law of tithing, and immediately concerns about trying to quit smoking came up. and before we knew it she committed to be baptized in 3 weeks. It was crazy! The spirit was so powerful there I could pass out. It was such an amazing experience. From this experience I learned a valuable lesson that Heavenly Father truly does answer all of our prayers. Maybe not the route we'd expect. But if we follow His plan, we should EXPECT blessings and miracles. I also learned Heavenly Father really knows how to reach all of His Children. Anywho, I just wanted to share that, and to testify that Heavenly Father Lives, and Loves us. I know Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And I know that the Book of Mormon IS true. and the stories within it are of real people. My invitation to yinz, is to prayerfully read at least a page from the Book of Mormon everyday. And I promise you all the righteous desires of your heart will come to you. I love you guys! Thanks for everything. Much love!
-Elder Johnson :)


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