Thursday, March 27, 2014

Having an Eternal Family!

"Hello friends and family!!!!!!!! (Here's some pictures! The man on the right is the one who got baptized)

Thanks for your love and support!!! Holy COW this week was increeeedible. This week was the Baptism of John. It was sooo so neat seeing him get baptized! He quit smoking and drinking coffee in the same week. It was soo cool! He's so dedicated to this gospel it's ridiculous! At his baptism, his less active sister came. And John stood up and bore his testimony, and he said that he wants his sister to come back to the church so that he can see his mom and dad again. It was so powerful! It really hit me how much I have underappreciated having an ETERNAL FAMILY.

 It took seeing it through some else's eyes to really understand how wonderful of a privilege it is to live with our mortal companions for all eternity. Pretty neat right?!?! John is doing so well. I truly love working here in the Berwick ward! It's so great here! The members are wonderful as well.

Elder Andersen and I are working hard! Later in the week we also had our Zone Conference, it was like a spiritual powerhouse! I realized how important it is that we STAY exactly obedient! When we do so we can EXPECT miracles!!!! I know that's true! Exact obedience is what truly helps us realized how much the Lord's hand is in our lives! Then we also got to go to the General Stake Priesthood Meeting, where we listened to speakers talk about the Priesthood and magnifying our callings. It was so neat.

We watched a video about a little boy who was struck by lightning, and another 18 year old was there, and had the Melchizedek Priesthood, who then gave him a blessing. If you haven't seen it I encourage you to, It's called "Sanctify Yourselves" Any who as I watched it the Spirit hit me so strong. I realized that we are all commissioned to leave the 99 and find the 1 whom is lost.

 There are Children of God who are out there, who need our own personal testimonies. It gave me so much hope for this work! Heavenly Father is always by our sides,   Especially when we don't see Him right in front of us. I love you all, thank you for always helping me grow and LIVE the Gospel. Thank you for anchoring yourselves to Christ.  With love,   Elder Johnson"

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