Monday, March 31, 2014

"Yes. Not Yet.and No I'm preparing something better for you "

"Greetings friends and family!
How yinz all doing?!?!?!? (here's some pictures! one of our investigators had some
really cool weapons! and it snowed yesterday when it's supposed to be SPRING!!)

I'm doing fantastic here in the Berwick Area, man I love it here. It's been a blast.
A spiritual blast that is!!! Elder Andersen are super unified now it's awesome. We
taught a lesson the other day that was killer, and after we both said "That was a really good lesson"
In complete unison. Yeah! Go Comp unity!

Anywho. Nothing terribly memorable this week, But the Lord has truly answered all of my prayers.
It sounds cliche to say, but He truly does hear and ANSWER every single one of our Prayers.
Most often these answers come as. "Yes. Not yet. and No, I'm preparing something better for you"
He really HEARS us! He does, He is truly listening with every purpose of His heart.

 Heavenly Father's only divine purpose is to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man". He just wants us back! And he's truly moving mountains to help us all out. Which is why we must truly serve with all of our hearts in this work. Lately I've been truly realizing how much this work isn't about what I want. The second I changes my attitude, miracles have been happening
 The other day, we were teaching a man in a hospital, as we were teaching, a woman in a wheel chair wheeled over and asked if she could join. Later after the lesson, she confessed that she was just passing bny the room, but something told her to come inside. And to listen. 

We Testified that it was God's hand who had done so and we gave her a Book of Mormon, it was truly a tender mercy.
I love you all. As humbly as I can muster, I testify from my heart, that God lives. Jesus Christ is His only Begotten Son. He Hears us.
He Loves. Us. So. Dearly. I know it, I truly know it.
Thank you for your love. Thank you for you prayers. I will be praying for you all :)

Elder Johnson

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