Tuesday, March 18, 2014

" Gentleman,I Just want you to know that i feel the spirit here more than i've ever felt it with those other churches.

"Hello my friends and Family!
It's so good to hear from all yinz! today's my 8 month mark!!!! Holy cow!!
Last week was FANTASTIC!! we had two baptisms and it was pretty great. Elder Andersen had got to baptize one of them and he had to do 4 times. hehe.
 We also had an awesome confirmation yesterday too! That was great. We're working with another man named John to be baptized this friday as well. Hopefully everything works out!!!! He's been making sooo many great changes in his life! We had a stellar lesson with them about temples. But before I get into that i'll give a little background.
John is in his 60's or so and hasn't really had an interest in the church, but as of the past few months he's been investigating and finally decided to be baptized! He's still working on some stuff, but has made reaaaalllly amazing changes. Last week he went with the youth to the temple trip, and entered and toured the visitor center and LOVED it.

 Anywho, we were going to a lesson with a member, to see John's less active sister named Cindy. We weren't really sure how it'd go since we've never seen her. And she was SO nice, she let us right on in and let us teach her. She said she's been investigating other churches and learning from them. We had a messy lesson, but invited her to come over to John's house for the lesson we had scheduled. She actually ended up coming, and we talked about Temples. John really enjoyed the lesson, and wants to go back to the temple. Cindy was beaming, her whole countenance changed. She had memories stirred within her of being inside the temple. She paused the whole lesson and said "Gentleman, I just want you to know that I feel the Spirit here more than i've ever felt it with those other churches. It was AWESOMEEE!!!

Anywho, I love you all! Thanks for all you do! Stay warm! Stay safe! I know Jesus Christ LIVES.  Elder Andrew Johnson :) 

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