Thursday, July 3, 2014

I know the Book of Mormon is true, because i prayed about it. I have the privilege of sharing it with others!

HI everyone!
Wow was this week great!   Not!
Just kidding! Numbers wise we really took a hit.
Our numbers of lessons dropped pretty bad.... But we'll do better!

In other news, life sure is blooming over here! Fireflies are out every night. Which looks beautiful by the way! I always imagine little glowing fairies flying around while we drive. Then I hear little thumps as they smack against the glass of our windshield! mwahaha!

Kidding. But really though, the other day we went into our apartment and I saw something small and dark jumping across the floor. We hit the lights and there was a small tiny FROG jumping around our kitchen! I guess we left the door open to long? haha

Our investigator named Cory came to church yesterday and it was
AWESOMEEE!! He even brought his cute little sister named Gracie.
It was neat seeing her with all of the primary kids walking in a line folding their arms quietly. She fit right in! 
Cory loved church, he was a little tired and sleepy....but he stayed for most of it!! It was way neat seeing him there. He's got a bunch of tattoos and looks pretty scary but he is the complete opposite. A little mellow but very very funny too.
We argued a little bit over why people shouldn't smoke....that was fun. But we laughed in the end so it's all good!

I've got such a testimony of talking with everyone! I have trouble discerning when people are interested or not, but luckily I've got a companion who's good at it!
We were walking the streets because our plans for that hour had fell through and wound up talking to a family that was having a yard sale. We kept talking and the wife mentioned she was raised Mormon! We were very surprised, usually people just say "I'm not interested!" But she totally kept talking to us! Heavenly Father really knows to never give up on His kids. Even though she didn't have a desire to come back (yet), her heart was softened, and we even bumped into her an hour ago here at the library!
Small and simple things, bring about great things! :)

I really know the church is true! Heavenly Father really does love us. I know Jesus Christ loves us, and wants us to love ourselves too! I know the Book of Mormon really is true, because I've prayed about it, and I have the privilege of sharing it with others!
with oodles of love! 

Elder Johnson

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