Monday, July 7, 2014

I developed a powerful testimony of how essential FAMILIES are!

So, you know when you sit in your car and find an old water bottle that's been there forever? and you pick it up and feels like it's literally boiling lava?

Just kidding, but it has been pretty hot these past few days! Good thing Pennsylvanians are hospitable and offer you water every day!

Anywho. Heavenly Father has been sooo merciful to us this week. Many small and tiny miracles have been happening. The moral of the Story however, and all that has mattered to me, is a knowledge that Heavenly Father really DOES answer all of our prayers. Even prayers we are too afraid to ask. I truly know that by talking to Him we can get to know Him a little better :)
They say prayer is a two way conversation between God and oneself. Heavenly Father always does answer our prayers :) I really know it!

Sorry this is short! I'm doing well, we had an.. "okay" week I guess.
I developed a powerful testimony of how essential FAMILIES are. Families being united for all eternity isn't just a blessing, it's a commandment! :D
I'm glad for that! I taped a picture of my family inside of scriptures, and whenever we teach a lesson about God's plan of Salvation, or Eternal Families I pull it out and teach them about my family and our conversion story. People are so touched when they start hearing about my family. Hearts are truly softened by the Lord :)
I testify that God loves us, and it is by His grace that all things happen. :)

With love!

Your fellow servant!

Elder Johnson

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