Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm here for a reason, I actually prayed & asked HIM why I am here!

Hi there!
Well this week sure has been GREAT.
But before I get into that! I'll share how we've been doing here in Berwick!
Elder Redd and I get along very very well!  I really feel like we're true friends. He's helped me out so much on my mission. And I really know that he was sent and handpicked by Heavenly Father to bless not only our investigators, but me as well. He is such a wise missionary. He's really is a rock. I'm so grateful to serve with him.

We are striving to have a better relationship with the ward. We were asked by the Bishop to actually go and see some people! We have asked if we could help in the past, but he usually responds with "Oh I'm alright, thank you!" But in our last meeting we asked again, and he gave us a few names of less-actives that could use some spiritual nourishment. It was great! I'm glad to report we have started trying to see those people!

I have felt so much love from Heavenly Father, He has truly truly blessed us here, and has blessed me infinitely. I'm so grateful to be serving here in the Berwick Ward. I know I'm here for a reason. I actually prayed and asked Him why I am here. He told me it's because of my testimony! Which is great! Because this week I've gained such a powerful testimony of bearing testimony!

Last week we had a really neat experience I want to share. We were walking around the streets of Berwick, because our appointment had cancelled. We had about 15 minutes or so left before we needed to start heading home.
We had two options, either go home and update some records, or keep pressing forward and find people to teach! It was actually pretty funny, as we were walking Elder Redd heard some children laughing and said. "A family!" So we started heading that direction.

We decided to keep going and not give up quite yet. We saw a lovely little house with 3 or 4 people and 2 dogs. The dogs both didn't like us at all. They barked and barked, but we ignored and tried to pet them anyways. We started talking to this family and immediately they began saying they weren't interested.

 I started talking about my family back home, and about things I liked to do. Anyways, sooner or later we started talking very comfortably. I felt the spirit tell me to testify to the woman sitting on her porch. So I bore my testimony with great conviction given to me by the Spirit, and the Holy Ghost shed forth. Smiles bloomed on her face, and on mine. She was very very receptive and welcomed us back to her home another time. It was very neat :) It was so obvious that the Spirit was there. Elder Redd helped bring the Spirit so powerfully to by testifying.

I love you :) You're all amazing and wonderful :)

And remember! Gospel Cooties don't exist! Don't be afraid to bring it up! ;D

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