Monday, October 20, 2014

In seminary we had the "March Madness"challenge, which was to read the entire Book of Mormon in a month.

Hello Everyone!
Well this week was great!!!!!
Remember Sister Payne? She's a less active I talk about a lot. She's so amazinggg!!! We saw her a few days ago, and the lesson went SOOOOOOOOOWELL.
I think she's one of my favorite people! Anywho, we went to go see her, and we were very close to doing something else instead, but we figured it would be best to go and see her. It was definitely the correct choice. 

We followed up to see if she was reading her scriptures, and she said she was so swamped with homework that she couldn't.  I started telling her about an experience I had while in seminary. In seminary we had the "March Madness" challenge, which was to read the entire Book of Mormon in a month. I was very determined to do it! I read and read, but I got very busy, and things didn't work out as I hoped. I would do my homework, and then never had time at the end of the day. Before I knew it there was only a week left. Feeling over exhausted I gave up. When I went to seminary a few days later, the other students talked about the neat experiences that they had. I felt a fire in my soul, and I determined to finish it.
 I knew God could help me do it. I prayed very hard that I would be able to finish reading. I then asked my mom if I could set aside my chores for a time to be able to finish my goal. She agreed wholeheartedly and was proud of me for trying to hard.

I rearranged my thinking and decided that I would start reading my scriptures FIRST, instead of last. I found that every time I did that, no matter what, I ALWAYS had enough time for everything else. Without fail it happened again and again. Before I knew it I had completed the Book of Mormon. When i stopped I was only a third in. I had read 2/3's of the Book of Mormon in a week.

I shared this with Sister Payne, and she felt immense love from Heavenly Father. I told her she could do it too. I expressed our love for her, and she was beaming from ear to ear. I then told her that this expression of love is a fraction of what her Father in Heaven feels for her. She later told us that earlier that day, she was thinking about us and wondered "I wonder when the Elders are coming by" When we knocked she already knew it was us and wasn't surprised to see us arrive.

I testify that God loves us perfectly. I really know that He not only loves us, but He expects us to be obedient, and HELPS us do so! :) The commandments are guiderails on the highway of life. Which guide us to Happiness
Pretty much God says "Hey you! Be happy!" and yet sometimes we say "NO! and immaturely run away like a little kid who stole a cookie from the counter" No no no my brothers and sisters! :) hahaha, obedience is much more simple, and easier :) Not to mention much, much, MUCH more HAPPIER!!!

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