Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The spirit of Elijah!!!

Hello my family and friends!
I hope you've all been doing super well!
This last week was JAM PACKED with service. We cut a ton of trees down for Sis Lamson. It took forever! But it was so fun!!!

Do you remember Brother Punjack? He was the one that had a 1,000 lbs door crush his foot. He came and helped us do some service! It was pretty unwise to let him come and use a chainsaw.......buuuut Agency I guess!
I'm just kidding, we set up a little station of chairs so he could sit with his leg properly elevated. It was safe!

Anywho, so that was definitely a high light of the week. We all had so much fun serving our sister. Here's some pics!
Lately I've felt so much peace while trying to update and work on my Family History. I truly know that Heavenly Father is inspiring more and more of His Children to receive the Gospel. And Family history is becoming a brilliant tool in doing so. I've definitely felt the Spirit of Elijah while trying to work on it. 

I haven't done anything miraculous, and my progress in finding my ancestors hasn't been flying through the roof, but I can assure you, and testify from my soul, that my capacity to Love my Brothers and Sisters has grown immensely. I know that God wants all of His Children to have an opportunity to receive the Gospel, and can because of the ordinance done in the Temple.
I love you all! :)
Elder Johnson

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