Monday, October 6, 2014

Word of wisdom either comes from God, or does not. God would confirm to him!

WOW. Conference was SO amazing!
But anywho. STORY TIME!!!
This week was beautiful listening to conference. We met a nonmember named Helena, she was moving on saturday and really needed our help. We, and a family from the branch came and helped her move. It took forever. She didn't pack very much, so we did A LOT. We started at 8 am on sat, and ended around 7 pm. It was so much work, and we barely scratched the surface of what she needed done. We missed the 12 and 4 o clock sessions of conference. We were very sad. But all worked out, we went to the Esteps house (their an AMAZING family here. I love them!!!) and we watched conference with them in the morning to catch up. Then we went to the church and watched the 12 and 4 o clock sessions. 
We're going to the Esteps tonight to watch 2 more hours. By then we would've watched every session. yayyy!!!!!!

We enjoyed a lot of conference and even got to teach a lesson! It was a pretty busy day, but the Lord sent us over to a less active man named Terry. We pulled up to his house, not sure if he was asleep. The lights were off, and it didn't look like he'd be very happy if we knocked. We've met with Terry a few times and had very powerful and loving lessons with him. He's a very special man. Here's a little bit about him.

(he investigated many many years ago, but didn't get baptized. The Elder that taught him back then said, "If you ever decide to get baptized, I don't care where I am in the world, I will come and baptize you" Terry joined the church last year, and sure enough, this much older former missionary drove over multiple states and baptized him. Terry has since struggled with some word of wisdom issues and coming to church, but the lessons we've had with him have nourished his soul, and he has slowly been coming unto Christ once again.)

Anywho. So we were at the door, and Elder Klima knocked, No one came to answer. We were going to leave, but I knew that he was in there and needed something we were going to say. I knew it, because only a few minutes earlier, I prayed in the car. In this prayer I asked specifically, that Terry would not be frustrated or angry, even though it was late, and that we'd be able to teach him something he needed to hear. I was a billion percent confident that God would answer me. So I boldly opened the door and pounded at it very loudly. Immediately the lights inside flipped on and sure enough, Terry came to the door. He was very very glad to see us and immediately let us in.  We talked about Conference, and how the words of God can guide us to safety. 
He brought up concerns of why he needed to give up coffee. He admitted he didn't believe it was necessary. We told him simply that the Word of Wisdom either comes from God, or does not. We said "If the commandment truly came from God, then God would confirm to him if that's really what He wants."

We both boldly testified of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, The Spirit touched his heart. We promised him that God would answer his sincere question if he worked for it. 
I love this Church, I love the Savior. I love my Heavenly Father very much. I'm sooo grateful that we have funny Prophets. But more importantly, I'm glad we have them.
In the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen. 

 Elder Johnson

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