Monday, December 15, 2014

Heavenly Father's love is so great that we cannot comprehend it in mortality.

Bonjour family and friends!!!!!!
How are things for you?!!?!?!? Things are going pretty swell!!!
Sheesh this last week went by so fast it's RIDICULOUS.
From the top!
Monday we went over to the Monongahela Area and had loads of fun with our district, we played hackey sack with the 7 of us! (the union town Elders are short one for a few weeks)

Then I stayed the night in union town with Elder Childs on exchanges. Then on Tuesday we both went to my area and did some work there. Then we went back to monogahela and stayed the night!!!! Sheesh!! It was 3 days of craziness! On Thursday our district went to a members house in monongahela and caroled. The Kerry's planned it all out! Sis Kerry had a group of older women come and they had a little Christmas gathering, in the meanwhile we were hiding in the basement. We went up and surprised them with caroling! It was a beautiful moment.
After they all left we hung around and Sis Kerry thanked us for what we do as missionaries. It was so wonderful. She bore her testimony to us, and the Spirit filled the room so strongly, we all felt it. It was hard not to cry. She told us that one of the women there said that us caroling was the high light of her entire year.

Wow, what a privilege it was to give up myself for someone else. That moment, by far is greater than anything I could have received.

I hope and pray that we all can have more opportunities like this. It may seem tough, it may seem difficult to find ways to do so. We may even feel afraid. But I testify that this is exactly what Christ would do, and I testify, that I have been blessed far more than those that received. A Christlike Christmas, comes from a Christlike attitude. Thanks for being so supportive and kind to me. You all are wonderful examples to me.  Thanks for being firm in the faith.
I know that God loves us. I testify that Heavenly Father's love is so great that we cannot comprehend it in mortality. 
Please remember how much your Father in Heaven appreciates you. I testify that Jesus Christ does live. I know it. I know His Atonement is real, and is accessible to all. Especially to those who think they don't need it. Last Christmas a Bishop told me that the Atonement is like air. We never worry about running out of oxygen. It is always there accessible and never runs out. 
I know this to be true too for Christ has always been there for me. If He can do that for a 19 yr old weird Elder in PA. He most certainly will do that for you!
I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Pics. I saw Sis Zebroski!!!!!! And here's the Sisters in our district!
Merry Christmasss!!!!

PS. President Johnson called yesterday! and GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?    I'm TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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