Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Let them know how appreciated & special they are to you, to those around them, & especially to Heavenly Father!

Hello Friends and family!!!!
wow has it been the best week everrrr!!!!!!  Okay first things first!
My new companion Elder Devyn Gish. and guess what?!!?!?!?!

HE'S FROM WEST JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can you believe it!!!!! He went to copper hills high school though. Well..I guess I can forgive him. haha kidding!
He's soooo cool!!!! He's 18 and FULL of FIRE!!!! wwow. He is a fireball and a half! He's exploding with spiritual goodness and he is SOOO cheerful it's crazy. I really like him a lot! He's such a great companion. He's definitely up there on my list of favorites!!

Anywho. This Christmas is going to be the best! Our Mission president really wanted us to focus on Giving instead of Receiving. Before I thought and pondered on what he was asking, I was thinking all about myself. About my own Christmas. I kept thinking about how I could have the happiest Christmas for Elder Johnson. But As I've pondered and read Christmas Stories about service, and really thought about Christ's sacrifice for me. I realized I can do the same thing. I can give up my own wants and help someone else that has less than I do.

Anywho. He really encouraged us to go and sing at Hospitals and care centers. I personally have been using my violin as much as I can. I've been used and abused! But in the best way I can mean it. I've really felt great love, and I'm so grateufl I was allowed to bring my violin on my mission. It has been such a great tool and I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father's let me share it!

Anywho. I invite each and everyone of you to really think about Jesus Christ and what He's done for you. And then go and do your best to help others feel that same amount of love and charity!
I love you all! Thanks for being shining examples, thanks for your love and encouragement. It is REAAAALLLLLY appreciated. I challenge you to go and talk to someone, and just let them know how much they mean to you. Graciously offer words of love that come from the heart. Let them know how appreciated and special they are to you, to those around them ,and especially to Heavenly Father :) I know I will!
I love you all!!!
Much Love!
Elder Johnson 


Only in PA where the roads are spaghetti noodles does this sign exist. bahaha!!

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