Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It is no coincidence that the only sunday she had available was when Elder Gish was asked to speak.

Hey there friends and family!!!!
this week was AWESOME.
Okay! story time!!!
So Victoria is EATING UP THE GOSPEL. Sheesh! It is CRAZY. how receptive she iss!!!!!
This week we taught her the Restoration and really emphasied the blessings and privilege of having a Prophet. and the Priesthood RESTORED. 
I have greatly under appreciated the Priesthood. wow.
As we taught her the Spirit was strong. There at the lesson was Victoria, and JJ, her boyfriend who has been investigating for over 2 years, but can't join the church because he has struggled with smoking. Pray for himmm!!!!!! Then her and a member there got in a little tiff.....
and started to argue a little bit. I felt the Spirit leave the room......The member left the room.
She went up to apologize. After she came back we said another prayer for the Spirit to come back. We all knelt, and as the prayer was offered we felt the Holy Ghost come back.
As we completed the Restoration we told her that she could pray and ask God, and find out for herself if what we've taught is really true. She told us she had so many doubts and that she was unsure which church to join.
Then Elder Gish invited her to come to church. He said he was afraid though. He said that he was going to be speaking in church and that his topic would help her get an answer.
Victoria's jaw dropped to the floor. She was in awe!
We looked at her in a puzzled look and asked her why.
She told us that very day, she was speaking with JJ and said "I think I'd like to go to church this upcoming sunday!"

It is no coincidence that the only sunday she had available was when Elder Gish was asked to speak.
Elder Gish alter told me after the lesson that when he was asked to give a talk just hours earlier, the Branch President gave him two topics to choose from. He prayed and asked God which one would best serve His children. In that lesson with Victoria he had received his answer, and knew that was what Victoria needed to hear. The topic is, "working on getting an answer from God"
It is so wonderful being a missionary. There are no greater joys. I"m so grateful to be a missionary. I"m so grateful I got to leave at 18 and not 19. Had I left at 19 I"ms ure I would've felt overcome by the pressures of the world and so preoccupied I would not have felt the impressions to leave on a mission.
I testify that Heavenly Father indeed lives.I testify of His INFINITE love. I testify that He is always looking for ways to bless us. He is anxiously waiting to answer our prayers.
I invite you to test His word! I invite you to pray from your heart and ask Him sincerely if the Book of Mormon is true. My words echo that of Moroni who said.
"And if ye shall ask with a sincere heart. With real intent. He will manifest the truth unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost. and by the power of the Holy Ghost, Ye may know the truth of all things."
I know these words are true. For I have done so. and I have seen that promise come true with each person I taught that prayed with a sincere heart, and was willing to act on that which was revealed. and above all, had true Faith in Christ. If you have not done so. Please...

A testimony of the Restored Gospel and of Christ will help you through all challenges. It will be the life preserver thrown when tossed by stormy winds and waves.
I love you all. Thanks for your love :)  and your PRAYERS. I have felt so much strength. WHen I feel ready to give up, I somehow find the strength, and I can keep going. Thank you.
I testify that Christ does live and love us. I testify that the Book of Mormon is true. I testify that this church has the very Priesthood authority that Christ Himself had and does have. I testify we have that today. And that it's power and authority is blessing us in our homes.
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen :)
With love.
Elder Johnson

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