Monday, January 12, 2015

I've got 2 miracles to share with you. It's a long read, so I'm sorry. But every word is worth it I promise :)

Oh my goodness this week was AMAZING.

I'm freaking out! In a good way!!!!!

Alrighty. I've got 2 miracles to share with you. It's a long read, so I'm sorry. But every word is worth it

I promise :)

So first off. Remember when I was serving in Pitt 3rd? That was almost exactly a year ago. Anywho. The Elders that are serving there now contacted me and told me a story that brings so much joy to my heart, that I want to share with you. A year ago Elder Birrell and I were heading over to an appointment in Turtle Creek. We were a little early to the appointment. Luckily Elder Birrell and I wanted to be as consecrated as possible, so we had set a goal a week earlier to spend extra time on the phone or knocking on doors if we weren't doing anything. We chose the latter. We were on our way and soon felt inspired to try a door. It was quite a walk to get to the door, but we hiked up their walkway. We knocked on the door. A woman answered, we introduced ourselves as missionaries. She introduced herself as Amie. We asked if we could share a message with her about Christ. We were astonished beyond measure when she agreed and let us in. We were so surprised. She was in a jumble trying to get things together since her family was going to leave on a vacation. I looked at my watch. We were going to be late to our appointment. We told her that we would be back to see her in an hour, she was excited for our return. We left her a pass along card. We went to our appointment, then came back to see Amie. Her husband answered and we were shocked. He said "We're not interested!" And slammed the door sternly.. Disheartened that was the last we heard of Amie.      

A year later, the Elders serving in the Pitt 3rd ward contacted me and told me they had received a referral through their phone for a woman. They contacted her over the phone. She indicated that last winter in the month of January, 2 LDS missionaries had knocked on her door and invited her to learn. She said that since she had written off the idea of learning about our church. But the thought of those 2 young missionaries kept coming to her mind. So she decided to give the church one more try. She then had requested a missionary visit. Her name on the referral information appeared as....Amie.

The second miracle I wanted to share with you.
We've got a new investigator named Victoria! The one who I mentioned in an earlier email who basically asked "how do I become a mormon?" We had a lesson with her that changed my life. We were very nervous for this lesson. Present was a less active man who we were afraid would scare her off. We prayed fervently that the Spirit would not be hindered and would be the teacher. We proceeded to read some scriptures. We felt inspired to follow up on her invitation to read from Moroni 10:4-5. Moroni's promise that all sincere seekers for truth could pray and ask God if the Book of Mormon was true, and receive an answer. She confessed that she had not read it until that morning. But a smile came across her face. We inquired. She told us that all week prior to that day, she was thinking very deeply about Gifts from God, and how He is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever. She was thinking about it so much that she shared with her close friend her feelings about it. She was thinking a bout it all week long. 

Remembering our appointment she read the assigned verses, but instead, continued to read the entire chapter. Moroni 10 also shares and speaks of the Gifts from God, and how He is the same, Yesterday, today, and forever. She was baffled and in awe. "There was no coincidence there!" She told us. She knew God was directing her and giving her a sign. 
I felt prompted to share an experience with her. I shared a tender experience how God had answered my prayer too. The Spirit entered the room. She then shared with us her many miraculous experiences in which God had proven that He was watching over her. We bore our testimonies. As I did so, I said "I just know this church is so true. I just know it" That was all I could say.
Victoria cut me off and looked me dead in the eye. She said 

"I know, that you know..."

"I can feel it coming off from you! You just believe it so strongly! I can feel it! I want that so badly."

It was a wonderful and powerful experience. One I will not soon forget. I was humbled to realize and know that God truly answers His children and is leading them all to His Truth.
I really do know this church is true. I know that God is indeed our Loving Heavenly Father. He loves us more than we can understand. As it is said "My thoughts are higher than your thoughts, my ways are higher than your ways" He truly does know all, and He is orchestrating miracles and wonders! I testify that Christ is the Son of God! He LIVES! I know that He Atoned for our sins. We can be healed and strengthened by our Savior's Atoning sacrifice.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

LOVE, Elder Johnson

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