Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I was so amazed that Darnell (Investigator) wanted to share the Gospel!


Hello my family and friends!!
This week was just JAM PACKED with explosive miracles of happiness and goodness!!!!!
aaaand.....the weather was like 0 degrees and negative 1.... which by the way. is TERRIBLE.
But besides that! It was FAAANTAASTIC.

okay! first miracle!!!
We saw Victoria and JJ!!!! It was suuuch and awesome lesson! As we taught Victoria was aggressively engaged in listening and learning! JJ and Victoria got into a little argument about the spirit world. Bye bye Spirit! Contention drives the Spirit away!

Not really sure what to say or do I just popped in and started to bare my testimony. The sweet love and peace of the Spirit came back and we were able to finish the lesson on a high note! Victoria was really struggling with forgiveness. She didn't believe she could be forgiven of what she's done. As we said the closing prayer, this thought came into my mind very clearly and I knew what I was supposed to do.
I told her this: "Okay, Victoria. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to find a room in your house that is free of any and all distractions. A place where you can meditate and not be distracted by anything. Then i want to kneel, and pray to God. As you do I want you to tell God how you are feeling. Whatever emotion it might be. For example "Dear Heavenly Father, I feel happy, sad, confused." Whatever it might be, tell Him how you feel. Yes He already knows how you feel, but He wants to hear from you. Then I want you to ask Him questions. About anything, whatever is on you mind."   She agreed. I felt the Spirit reaallly strong as I invited her to that commitment. I continued "Have you ever asked specifically fort he Holy Ghost?" She had indicated she had not. I invited her to do so. It was such a neat experience. I felt the Spirit so powerful. It amazed me the simplicity, yet POWER of prayer.

Then! We say Darnell!!!!! It was SOOOO amazinggg!!!! oh my goodness!!! We went in and sat on the couch as usual, but this time he told us to come upstairs... I was confused....that meant......wait! No! It couldn't be!!!!!    YEP! HIS GIRLFRIEND WAS GOING TO LISTEN!!!!! We went up and sure enough Tiffany was sitting there with Darnell. I was so amazed that Darnell wanted to share the Gospel.  Tiffany introduced herself. She told us she could see the challenges that Darnell was faces, but when he started learning about God and our church he was able to endure challenges with peace. She told us she wanted that too, and that by listening to us, she knew she could get that too. We were blown out of the water! wow. 

We began to teach her, she was SO receptive. Everything we shared she immediately said "Wow! That makes so much sense! I like that!"    It was so amazing how clear it was that Heavenly Father was answering her prayers. She told us she had recently started praying to God and has received help and happiness and peace. From what she said, it was clear she hadn't prayed like that until recently. Darnell told us that he had taught her to pray. It was such a powerful lesson. The Spirit of God was so evident. Wow. She is so prepared. The Spirit burned brightly into my soul a testimony, that God indeed sends us to His Children as promised. He is carrying His Truth to all of His Children.

I love you all and I wanted to share those tender moments with you. I invite all of you to deepen your conversion each and every day. I invite you to pray and ask Heavenly Father for a deepened testimony. It is 1000% okay, to pray and ask God to show His love for you. Is is absolutely okay to ask for His love and for His Spirit. I testify that His answer will come, and in your heart will burn His deep and abiding love. I also testify that it will surprise you how close He always has been, and will be. I testify Jesus Christ Lives, and is the very Son of God. He did Atone for our sins and our trials. His Atonement and Grace carry us every day. Oh how we need Him. And Oh how anxious are They to help us. I so testify, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Elder Johnson

it. is. so. cold.  I hate this place.. Just kidding!! love it! not the bitter cold though.

we had to abandon our poor little Corolla at the bottom of the hill because it couldn't make it up.

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