Monday, February 23, 2015

MIRACLES. The Reason I was sent here

Hello my friends and FAMILY!!!!!!!!
okay. you are going to pass out and die because of how great this week was!
Sorry! it's super long! But I promise it's super worth it!!!! :)
Missionaries I love:
SO.  first off!!!    Elder Gish is doing AWESOMEEEE. I just wanted to include him in here and say thanks for the prayers :) He's doing SO awesome!!!! He's a spiritual TANK.
Anywho! Next!!! We had our Zone training last week and it was awesome!!! I got to see Sister ROSENGREN!!!!!! I love herrrrrr!!! She's like my favorite Sister!!! She served with me in Berwick! 

Our Stake Conference was this weekend! but the saturday sessions were cancelled due to the weather......HEART BROKEN. And on sunday I wanted to go up to the Pitt 3rd stake center...because that was my FIRST AREAAAA!!!! I was sooooooooooooooo excited to go.  buuut.......meh.

So our chapel here in McKeesport had a broadcast so that we could watch it here instead of go up....opposite of what I wanted... But I was grateful to go to our chapel. Story time! We wanted to arrive early in case no one had shoveled the snow at the chapel. Turned out such was the case! We were the only ones there! as we showed up the Access bus (a bus system for those in wheelchairs) showed up to bring Sister Murphy and her husband. BUT THE WALKS WEREN'T SHOVELED SO SHE COULDN'T GET IN AND IT WAS 18 DEGREEES!!!!!!! Elders to the rescue! We jumped out of our car and shoveled ice bricks like hooligans. Luckily it all worked out and she was able to get inside just fine. The branch arrived and helped us finish the job.  Even though I wanted EVER so badly to go to Pitt 3rd, the Lord needed us somewhere else.  He needed us there at that specific time to offer a helping hand.  In a way, The Lord provided me an opportunity to Sacrifice. I am ever so grateful for that experience :)

MIRACLES. The Reason I was sent here
This week I heard a beautiful story from Elder Bashein (an elder I came out with! we're super close!)
He is actually serving in Pitt 3rd (my first area). Here's my story :)

A year ago when I was in Pitt 3rd with Elder Birrell. We were going to see a less active lady. We arrived 20 min early. We decided to try tracting on some doors. As we walked in the neighborhood I felt prompted to try a specific door. We went up and knocked. A woman named Amie came out and she was actually interested! But she was super busy and so were we. We looked at our watches. Time for our appointment with the less active! We told her we'd be back in 1 hour! We left her a card and went to our appointment. Afterwards we rushed one answered the door.... We tried again next week. Her husband answered and said "We're not interested!" slamming the door.      I was transferred and totally forgot about that experience.

Elder Bashein shared with me, that a month ago a referral came through Someone had requested a visit named Amie. Elder Bashein spoke with her over the phone. She said she was going to give up on the church and not learn again. But she remembered those 2 missionaries who came a year ago and wanted to give our church one last chance. Elder Bashein and his companion went and have been teaching not only her, but her family as well.
Amie is going to be baptized on March 7th. Her family may follow shortly after.

I'm EVER so grateful to have been able to be in McKeesport. SO. Grateful. to have been able to hear the fruits of my labors. I really feel like that's why I've been sent to this area at this time. To be able to witness the fruits of my labors while in Pitt 3rd. When I arrived here, two people that I taught while in pitt 3rd ended up moving into the Mckeesport branch. In both cases they needed help moving in. I was the first to hear and our branch came to the rescue to help. This is also the area where my first baptism Brandon Jones lives. I also have seen many wonderful members from Pitt 3rd here in McKeesport that I became very close with a year ago. I've been able to hear of the miracles that have happened. and the missionaries joy in pitt 3rd is mine as well. I've been able to hear how the members in pitt 3rd are doing as well. And I was able to see Sister Rosengren and hear somethings from her that I really needed to hear. By way of analogy, when I was in Pitt 3rd I pitched the baseball of my efforts. Now that I'm in McKeesport I was able to catch it. Hand signed by Heavenly Father. He had prepared many miracles for me to come back and be a part of once more. As if to say "Thank you my Son. For working so Faithfully. Thank you. for working for Me."

I really know that Heavenly Father loves us. I truly know it. He had prepared these beautiful miracles for me to witness and be a part of. I'm so grateful to be here in this mission. These people are wonderful. The missionaries, the members, the investigators. I'm so grateful to have been called to the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Mission. At the time I opened my mission call letter, my friends also did too. My best friend Tate, after opening his letter told me that he just had an overwhelming sense of peace come over him. Telling him that's where he needed to go. I felt bad, because I didn't have that feeling at all...But I pushed forward in trust. Trusting that it was the right place. As I've served here, for now what is 19 months. I've been able to slowly see the big picture and I have truly felt this is where I belong :) I love you all and I testify of a loving Heavenly Father that is ever aware of us. I testify His will is the Happiest way for all of us. His purpose is "to bring to has the immortality and eternal life of man." His purpose. Is us. I testify Christ does Live. He does live and direct this church. I so Testify, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 
Elder Johnson

Do these pillars look familiar?? THEY SHOULD! THEY'RE IN BATMAN!!!!
It was filmed in Pittsburgh! this is where Bayne fights Batman!

my district!!!     "many are cold but few or frozen!"

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