Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My arms feel like jello and my back feels like soggy cardboard! Let's just say I have deeply enjoyed bed time!

Hey there friends and family!!

Welp! I got transferred to BEAVER, PA. I'm here with Elder Ethan Watkins.
He's from Vernal, UT. He's 6' 4" and very loving and friendly. He's very silly and laughs at all of my stupid jokes. Which is a very good sign!!! hahaha. He's definitely the comp for me! He is a Spanish speaker, so he tries to teach me Spanish...not good. hahah. my lips are not meant to speak Spanish. He's been out as long as I have! We go home together! Ps i'm at 20 months!!!!! ahhh!!!!!!!

Well. We just moved to a new apt in Beaver, it was SOO much work. SHeesh! We had to do so much... A member came with his truck, but no one else came to help! So Elder Watkins and I had to move the entire apt BY OURSELVES. AND OUR APT IS ON THE 3RD FLOOR.

Let's just say. I will never have to exercise again in my life. Our new apt is pretty nice though! It's like Hogwarts. The structure makes NO sense, so you have no bearings of where you are. Not to mention the city plan is not a grid system. It's just..weird. They got a bowl of spaghetti and poured it over a map and then paved wherever the noodles went....So yeah. I feel very lost! haha.
Our old apt was super trashed... We had to do a looooot of cleaning. SO we didn't get to teach very many people at all. Not to mention the day after we moved, we went to help some other members move out.....My arms feel like jello and my back feels like soggy cardboard! Let's just say I have deeply enjoyed bed time!

The ward here is UH-MAZING!!! They are SO loving and so kind. They love the missionaries! Not to mention they LOVE the missionary WORK. They are sooo missionary minded it's ridiculous! I love it!!! It's definitely helping me reboot my systems! I feel recharged by being with them! 

Well, that's all that's happened so far! I"m grateful that the Lord has sent me here to this area. I know that God loves us infinitely. I had a grand experience that helped reiterate that. Last Thursday we had our district meeting. Elder Watkins is the district leader. We were roleplaying "Teaching by the Spirit". I pretended to be a less active man, I was supposed to choose a concern and the missionaries practicing were supposed to discern my needs and address my concern. As my concern I said in my mind "I don't feel that God loves me because I"m not seeing His blessings". As we role played one of the Elders asked me "Do you feel that God loves you?"
BAM!!!!! Is that revelation or what?!?!?!?!!  Everything they taught afterwards was directly connected to what I needed to here as that Less active man. Nothing was fluff. It ALLL helped me. That just boosted my confidence that God is truly the one teaching, not the missionaries!

Anywho. I love you all! I am ever grateful to serve the Lord is such a capacity. I know this Church is True. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Johnson

Here's my new address!

423 Sharon Rd. Apt 3
Beaver, Pa 15009

My new companion!

old dirty apt.

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