Monday, March 30, 2015

It is SO important! Prayer and scripture study is your FOOD. Would you not eat for a day? Let alone a few months?!?!!

Hi there friends and family!
This one will be short. But I wanted to share neat lessons that I've learned over this week.
I've learned that what the Lord asks of us is great, but also easy and simple. I've learned that He doesn't ask for us to go and fight a war or do anything great and dramatic, But all He wants us to do is keep His commandments.
Our Father in Heaven wants us to pray daily and study His words.
Without EXCEPTION. We need to pray every day and read from the Scriptures.
No matter how bad of a day we have, no matter how awful we may feel, no matter how stressed out or tired we are, we will feel 100X worse without the Spiritual nourishment of daily prayer and Scripture study!

I remember that a teacher told me this in Sunday school once while I was very young.
"When we don't feel like praying.......Is when we need to pray the most!"
"When we don't feel like studying the when we need to the most!"

I cannot emphasize that enough! It is SO important! Prayer and scripture study is your FOOD. Would you not eat for a day? Let alone a few months?!?!!  Yet sometimes we do!!!  WHY.
Now, you don't have to go crazy and read all the standard works in a single day. The Lord says "It's not meet for men to run faster than they have strength," But He says to be diligent and steady!
It doesn't matter how much you read, or how long you are studying, what is most important is that it happens EVERY DAY. Without exception!

Even if you don't feel like you've learned, don't listen to satan's lie that it was a waste of time.
You see, even if you had a hard time focusing or didn't get very much out of what you read, you are still demonstrating your faith and are keeping the Lord's commandment to pray and feast upon His words. And eventually you will be taught amazing things that you would not have been able to learn had you stopped studying and praying.

and again. Don't go crazy. even a column of scripture is sufficient. Just like food, eating too much can also be bad for you, but the same with not eating enough. Just make sure, it happens every day!
I love you all!  I testify through experience, that the Lord is ready to teach you! 
I testify that POWER comes from the sunlight of the Scriptures and the nourishment of daily Prayer. 

I testify from my heart that these are God Given principles that, if applied, will bring you more joy and happiness!!!!
in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!  

 Elder Johnson

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