Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"We cannot ask "how can we hasten the work, because we don't The Lord does!"

Wow. I love. Stake. Conference.

2 General Authorities came!!!!!!

Elder Teh and Elder Kunz. They announced the split of our stake! And we found out that pitt 3rd (my very first area) is joining the stake! Which means I might be able to see some of the members at stake activities!!!
Anywho. They gave beautiful counsel regarding missionary work for members. They said "The Lord is hastening His work in His own time" He continues "We cannot ask 'how can WE hasten the work,' because we don't. The Lord does!"

I love that!   It means, it's the Lord's work.  He will provide the way for us to do difficult things :) He will always provide a way to do what He wants us too!

Story time!
This week we did A TON of service! We met with a less active man, we'll call him Brother Z. He has not been to church in many many years and has picked up some colorful habits! Anywho. We went out and did some lawn work.  
Okay. one thing to know about PA, there is no such thing as flat. 

So we mowed the lawns...vertically. Kidding, but it was SUUPER tough! And last time I checked I'm still an inky dinky little asian boy with enough muscle to lift my scriptures! So Pushing the lawn mower up and down was really tough, but it needed to be done. So the Lord provided a way that I could still provide the service needed.
Bro Z was so appreciative and thanked us tremendously. He later told us he wanted to make it out to church.  Service is beautiful my friends! :)
Elder Johnson

We decided to "liken the scriptures" to ourselves... So we made a fort in our apartment :) hehe.

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