Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Elder Klima goes first. As he was speaking the spirit told me not to use what i wrote. " What?! "

Why hello you wonderful friends of mine!
Things are going SWELL here in the branch!

Elder Klima and I both gave talks last sunday, and I really wanted to talk about that experience. Anywho. We spent a few days preparing our talks with the topic "The Hastening of the Work". And we both felt really good about what we were going to use.

Sunday arrives and we both are sitting on the stand. Elder Klima goes first. As he was speaking the Spirit told me not to use what I wrote. I was freaking out. Thinking "What?!?! You couldn't have told me this, like, FOUR DAYS AGO?!?!" 

I kept praying about what I SHOULD say since the branch needed other words. No answer.
I prayed again asking what to share. Still nothing. 
Now I was nervous as Elder Klima was wrapping up his talk. 
I decided I wouldn't be an amoeba and actually try to put some effort forth. I pushed forward with faith and tried to prepare something else. Too late. My turn.

I stood up and walked to the microphone. Still no answer from the Spirit. I opened my mouth and before I knew it the Spirit was in the room and testifying of the words given me. 

It was a very powerful talk about Hastening the Work. 
"After all is said and done, when we get to live with our Father in Heaven and sit with him at an imaginary dinner table. Our Father doesn't want any empty seats"
I also spoke about unity in the work. I talked about how we are all here for a reason.
No matter how insignificant we may feel. We all have a part to play. There are souls who are waiting for us to reach out to them. I like to think in my imagination, that perhaps we arranged to help specific people and bring them the Truth before we came here to this earth. I like to think that all of the people in our lives are there for us to help, and also to be helped.

This Gospel is true my Brothers and Sisters. I testify that God is directing this Church. 
I love you All. You're all amazing :)

Elder Johnson.

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