Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Many tears were shed among the chapel.

Hello friends and family! 

Wow this week was AMAZING. 
3 stories I wanted to share. Sorry, they're long. But worth it!

Remember when I first started my mission? I was serving in the Pitt 3rd Ward. We visited Sister Mcclendon all the time, and she was such a great missionary. She always had someone we could teach.  Well, my current area touches the border of Pitt 3rd. Last monday while shopping at walmart we saw Sister Mcclendon!!!!!!!!! It was so cool! We had things to do so we couldn't talk much, but it was so cool seeing her. And even though I'm in a different area. She STILLL gave us a name we could go visit. Hahaha!!!! What an amazing missionary. (here's a picture)

So we visited a less active man named david the other day, but he watned to have the lesson outside. Even though I didn't really want to, we went. I didn't like the noisy cars n'at driving by. But anywho, we continued teaching when a woman came by and asked why we were dressed up. We introduced ourselves as missionaries. She said she was catholic, but still loved to learn. She asked us if we ever go down Aspen St. Before we could even get her name she walked off again.
We were super sad she left, but we kept teaching david.  A few minutes later, SHE CAME BACK! She told us "hey! If you're ever in the area come by aspen st and I'll give you some water! Even better, I'll make you cookies!"  She proceeded to repeat her address 3 more times to make sure we knew it. As she ran off again she yelled "I make no bake cookies!!!"

Of course, we went and saw her. It was soooo neat! She's amazing! She doesn't really want to change religions, but we'll see what happens :)

3rd story! The Branch is TOTALLY catching the WAVE. Last sunday we had our testimony meeting in sacrament. The Spirit was so powerful, there is no doubt that Heavenly Father's love was present and strong. Almost the entire branch went up and shared their testimonies. There was so much love, each one talked about how much they loved another member that sat among the congregation. They all talked about missionary work. All of them invited each other to participate in missionary work and go home teaching. It was so beautiful. I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything in the universe. I was so glad to have been able to feel that. I wanted everyone in the whole world to fill in the chapel and feel what I felt.
 Many tears were shed among the chapel. It was so peaceful.

I really know this church is true. I do, I really and truly do. I love you all, thanks for all that you do to serve and love. I testify this church is true, That God Loves us perfectly, and Jesus Christ really lives. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.   

Elder Johnson.

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