Thursday, September 4, 2014

I stopped "saying Prayers", and really PRAYED.

I'm doing fantastic! 
Elder Klima and I get along sooo so soooo well it's ridiculous. We have a hunch that one of us will be transferred very soon, only 2 more weeks until we find out!
We're too unified! That's why haha.
Any who. Things are doing great here! One of our investigators came to church! So that was great!
This week was sooooo cool.

Remember Sis Payne? I talked about her briefly a little while ago....At least I think I did...hehe.
SO anyways, Sis Payne is a less active woman and hasn't been to church is many years. Her son served a mission and is currently in Utah with his wonderful family. He encourages her a lot.

Any who, we saw her again this past week and had a powerful and wonderful lesson with her. She has a desire to come back to church! So we talked about Spiritual goals. Setting Goals and making Plans! The Spirit was very strong.
She later told us that before we saw her, she was feeling very low. She was very distressed and didn't know what to do. She told us she prayed so fervently, asking the Lord to help her know what to do. The next day, we showed up. 

The Lord truly answers our prayers. He knows our hearts. He knows what we need. There is a mighty reserve of powerful blessings waiting for us, but can only be received upon our asking for them. My testimony of prayer has truly been strengthened. I stopped "saying  prayers", and really PRAYED. I know He knows us perfectly, better than we do, and He knows who to send to help us :)

 Please have an attitude of service. If we are too caught up in our own ways of the world, we may lose the precious opportunity of becoming an answer to another's heartfelt plea to the Lord. 

 Elder Johnson

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